New House Of Worship Set To Open For Area’s Hindu Faithful


Posted: Monday, April 11, 2016 1:04 pm

Hanuman Mandir Spiritual and Cultural Center in Glenview, a new place of worship for the area’s Hindu community, will conduct its grand opening events April 15-17.

In December 2013, 170 devotees of the Hindu deity Hanumanji, the temple’s namesake, joined together for the Bhumi Shudi, or land sanctification, of the 4.1-acre property at 3623 W. Lake Ave.

Now, the community has a place dedicated to various spiritual, cultural and other programs. The facility is more than 39,000 sq. ft. and completely made of marble, according to representative Savi Ram.

A marble statue of Hanumanji, with sacred significance to the worshipers of the God, is an important element of the new center. The statue stands 22.5 ft. tall and weighs over 46,000 lbs.

The temple is a place to “learn more about life, and religion, and humanity,” temple representatives explained. It promotes service projects, spiritual devotion and appreciation for India and Indian culture.

On each day of the grand opening weekend, morning prayers will be conducted to place statues of Gods in the temple as well as rituals in honor of Hindu deities.

“April 17 will be an unbelievable day for which many devotees are waiting,” Ram said. Hanuman Mandir’s interior will be open to the public the afternoon of Sunday, April 17. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the temple’s café.

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Source: Journal Online