Only the Sanatana World View Can Save Hindus

hinduismOur sages said, ‘dharmo rakshati rakshitah’ – dharma protects one who protects dharma. Why Hindus continue to be persecuted and ridiculed in their own homeland since the last thousand years? Why Christians and Muslims want to change the religion of Hindus? It is something related to the ideology. They think that Hindus believe and worship all types of minor gods and evil spirits except the one true god (Brahman). They think that the Hindu scriptures and priests class promote graded inequality through caste system. They conceive these two aspects as the major evils of Hinduism that have generated spiritual as well as social disunity among the followers of Hinduism. Despite the work and sacrifice of several Mahatmas and great avatars like Sri Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak, Dayanand Saraswati, Vivekananda, Ambedkar, Sri Narayana Guru, et al Hinduism has been unable to get rid of these flaws from their religion. The dharmacharyas as well as the followers of Hinduism do not open their eyes. They do not think deeply and realize the aspirations of the age. So when barbarous invaders razed down the temples at the birth place of Sri Krishna in Mathura, the famous Vishwanath temple at Varanasi and the temple of Sri Ram at Ayodhya, dharma did not protect them, because they were not following the true dharma of Kali Yuga. One can come up with various arguments, historical, social, political, etc. But, the real reason is the dharmic question. God forsakes one who does not follow true dharma.

The worship of devi-devas is the practice of earlier yugas – dwapara and treta. In Kali Yuga, the human race is supposed to ascend spiritually from the level of gods to supramental realization through the medium of realized sages in order to be qualified to be born in satya yuga, the all divine golden age. Kali yuga is the age of supramental evolution towards satya yuga. The Hindus have not yet started their spiritual journey in this kali yuga. Now Hindus should abandon all divisive ideologies and vulgar worship which the sectarian puranas, tantric philosophy as well as some dharma shastras have popularized and follow the true religion and philosophy found in the Upanishads and in the teachings of Bhagavat Gita, Guru Gita, etc. The Hindu mind is deeply conditioned and it is unable to realize the truth that yuga dharma is age specific. The dharma or the method of worship followed in treta and dwapara does not yield any goodness now spiritually. So, on the onset of Kaliyuga Sri Krishna advised the people to abandon the old worship pattern and to take refuge in Him, the medium God had sent for spiritual guidance. Unfortunately, Hindus made him another god, equating him with Vishnu. Then Buddha came followed by several others. Still Hindus did not realize the truth. Then God sent messengers in other parts of the world. Probably, God is now punishing Hindus for their mistakes through the followers of these religions. If the Hindus do not give heed to the voice of the rishis, great calamities await them as in the past.

Hindus should realize that the cosmology of Sanatana Dharma rests on the concept of Manu and Manvantara and on the teachings of the sages who appear in the Manu lineage from time to time. The basis of Upanishads is this guru-sishya relationship. Why did the rishis calculate cosmic time with the age of Manu (Manvantara)? The reason is that a solar system and life in it is created by the sankalpam of Manus. This Manu is not the author of Manu Smriti with the same name. Manu is the first projection of impersonal Brahman, referred as Purusha, Hiranyagarbha, etc. in the Vedas and puranas. Spiritual guidance comes through the gurus or sages, who appear from time to time in every yuga. But this cosmology has been distorted. Now the worship of thirty three billion gods through the medium of priests and temples is followed by Hindus. From caste to caste, from village to village, from town to town, deities of different fashion are worshiped. The sage tradition or the Ashram culture is lost, which is the source of true spiritual wisdom.

Hindus have become favor seekers from the gods and demigods installed in temples. They do not find any distinction whether it is a church or mosque, if favors are promised, they go and kneel anywhere. They follow the false gurus and ashrams that have no awareness about the true tenets of Sanatana dharma and get cheated. Hindus have lost their character, forgotten the true teachings of the rishis and it is the children of these people who despise their own religion and culture, because they have not been taught the true dharma. They have no sense that they have to protect their religion and culture from the onslaught of imperfect theologies that came from outside in the form of Christianity, Islam, Marxism, etc. 

Hindus should think deeply and find out the root of actual Sanatana Dharma, which only is destined to become the basis of a world religion. Sanatana Dharma respects the brotherhood of mahatmas – the gurus and prophets down the ages, but according to their spiritual incumbency or allotted time by the divine will. Sanatana Dharma does not promote the idea that only through a particular prophet or guru the human race can be saved, so there is no scope for religious intolerance in it. Only the Sanatana world view can save us from the religious conflicts and disharmony raging around us like a fire.