Operation Dharmic Vote – The General Election, the Dharmic Voter and the Law on Caste

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Re: Operation Dharmic Vote – MEDIA PRESS RELEASE The General Election, the Dharmic Voter and the Law on Caste 

Dharma Sewa Purvapaksha (DSP) set Operation Dharmic Vote (ODV) is a national policy and pressure group established in 2014 with the aim of promoting issues that affect or have an impact on Dharmic communities in the United Kingdom. By Dharmic, we mean all those communities that have their origins in the Indian sub-continent. In today’s terms these would constitute Hindu, Sikh and Jain faiths and communities.

Through the work that we have undertaken, our research tells us there are approx. 31 constituencies that the Dharmic voters could influence the outcome of a seat. Of these we are focusing on 15 seats. See the list in the press release.  Through our interactions, these communities are telling us that they would like us to coordinate some key questions that they would like asked to all candidates, in order for them to be able to make an informed choice as to how they will vote. ODV will evaluate the responses and recommend who to vote for.

As the June 2017 election battle rages, the law on caste is once again, as in GE2015, promising to become a bone of contention among the candidates and political parties. In the middle is the increasingly tactical Dharmic voter. The caste issue could well make all the difference in a few marginal seats to candidates of all political parties.

Dharma Sewa Purvapaksha (DSP) is committed to keeping the issue on the political radar and mobilising the community. In the link below you will find our first press release on the current state of play.


Pranaam & kind regards


Mukesh Naker

Managing Editor Dharma Sewa Purvapaksha

Websites – http://www.d-s-p.org.uk/ 

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