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DC Nath SmallPresident of Patriots Forum, D.C. Nath was superannuated in January, 1995, as the Special Director, Intelligence Bureau, D.C. Nath (IPS-1960) was associated with the International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM), headquartered in New Delhi, for over 14 years, first as the Executive President & CEO and then as the President & Director General, between February, 1997 and March, 2011. The author of a highly acclaimed book, Intelligence Imperatives for India, Mr. Nath earned high plaudits from all around for two of his very significant presentations on: “Revisiting the Future of India” (2005, London) and “Lessons from India for the War On Terrorism” (2007, USA). He is the only one in the field, combining the experiences of a police officer with specialization in intelligence and strategic analysis and an industrial security expert par excellence. More Bio on D. C. Nath…



May 12, 2015

Dear Friends,


Subject: Hindus Need To Become True Hindus


This may sound like a tautology but it is not. We mean, and shall try to prove, why we said so. But, let us state this rather quickly it is not a theological paper nor do we have any credential for being so. It is all that we have been seeing around. In other words, it is all a common sense approach, as in the case of another recent paper of this genre, namely, Hindus Need To Be Religious To Be Able To Defend Themselves, sent out on April 29, 2015. At times there are some repetitions in this mail, that may kindly be tolerated. Any one looking for words of wisdom will be sadly disappointed.

Well, although this thought has been bothering us for long, what has now moved us to go ahead is some friend’s response to the senior Owasis’ recent remark that every one is born a Muslim. The friend quipped, “It was the other way round. Every one on this earth is born a Hindu. Keeping within the bounds of the three major religions, namely, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, a child born in a Christian family becomes a Christian after she or he is baptised. A boy (girl or women in Islam being of no consequence, with due apology to those who have disproved this) born in a Muslim family becomes a Muslim only after a surgical operation. On the other hand, children born in Hindu families are born Hindus and remain Hindus till some thing different happens”. Well, a sound and simple logic.

But, friends, we are not joking. We want to prove that most of the Hindus of the present times need to be made true Hindus and they should practise and prove they are true Hindus. But, ignorant as we are, no definition of who could be called a Hindu is known to us. All that we know those who follow Hinduism are Hindus. But then, the highest court of the land, in their wisdom, have declared that Hinduism is only “a way of life”. Let us leave it at that for the present.

Though the number is dwindling, Christian friends visit the Church once a week generally if not out of conviction, at least to prove their credentials as Christians. Most of them religiously observe Easters and X-mas. The Muslim friends, here again the number is coming down slowly, read Namaz five times a day and generally do not miss out joining the Friday prayers.

Be that as it may, the followers of both these Abrahamic religions never fail to stand up and defend, even fight for, their religion. Their history is replete with examples. It will be reasonable to learn from this that they derive some mental strength from their commitment to their respective religions.

It is exactly here that we want the majority community (at least till now) to take a look at themselves. It is accepted that it is not necessary to visit temples to prove you are religious. One can be a very true Hindu otherwise also. Incidentally, many of you would recall we have only recently circulated a note, spelling out 10 “scientific reasons” why you should visit a Hindu temple. That is all about positivism that one absorbs by visiting temples. How many of us visit temples?.

Coming to observing seasonal religious festivals/pujas, most of these religious events have turned into joyous festivals to show off how much money one can burn or waste. Religion there becomes only a by-product. It, however, needs to be underlined that in some southern States, the religion part of it is still in evidence.

Resultantly, the Hindus do not seem to have gained any sense of purpose from all these religious events to protect their religious places or even to uphold their religious faith. A very recent survey (for the first time ever)by the upcoming research-oriented outfit, namely, the IndiaFacts, has clearly proved that contrary to continued and motivated propaganda that the minorities in India are under attack in the current BJP-led government, the Hindu temples have been attacked at 46:2 ratio of its reportage on attacks on places of worship of Christian, taking an over all view of India. This is because, as we will put it, the Hindus do not justify themselves to be true Hindus and as such, do not behave like true Hindus.


And then, pinch a highly or moderately educated Hindu, it will be pleasant surprise if one could find a copy of the holiest religious granth, namely the Gita. May be a copy of a Bible will be there to decorate the bookshelf. That must have been given to him/her by a Christian pastor in his ceaseless effort to win one more follower to his faith.

Again, it is for every one to see that all Hindu gods and goddesses are armed to defend themselves. But, the modern day Hindus have forgotten even to protest, much less to pick up arms or a lathi to defend themselves.

To be brutally blunt, the level of knowledge of Hinduism as a religion among the Hindus gets sadly exposed when we find many foreign scholars come to India for gaining exposure to Hinduism and become excellent defenders of Hinduism. Some among the few Hindu scholars available are more oriented towards ensuring that they get name and fame, no matter whither goes Hinduism.

Before we end up, we cannot help draw a parallel to the situation a seer like Tagore had said about the listless Bengalees at a point of time. Broadly translated, that will read like: “Oh Divine Mother, you have kept the seven crore of your sons in Bengal as Bengalees only, but have not made them worth calling them true human beings “sat koti santaanere tumi,hey mugdhha janani, rekhechho bangali kore manush koroni”.

Thus, although born with an advantage, that is, being born as a Hindu without needing any scriptural or medical assistance, we have surrendered that advantage. Christians, even if first generation convertees, continue to declare themselves as proud Christians, the Muslims continue to believe that only the followers of Islam have the right to exist and the rest have to be either converted or eliminated. They do not believe in keeping pace with changes around. To them what the Prophet has said or even believed to have said is immutable and they are so much proud of that they are dying in numbers and indulging in killing others to uphold their religion, as it stands, even though a minuscule section amongst them has started impressing upon the need for going with the time or tide.

The Hindus, on the other hand, have not developed pride in a religion that has produced a “man of history”, such as, Swami Vivekananda. They have not shown the zeitgeist, needed at this point of time. Self-introspection to find out whether we are true Hindus may also help.

So, friends, are we wrong in making the point that the Hindus need to become true Hindus? If some one will feel we have peddled rubbish, it will be privilege to be put wise by the learned scholars where we have gone wrong. That will not only put us on the right track but will also help the Hindus in general to be true Hindus, and will then be able to defend their faith and the motherland, the matribhumi, that is, BHARATVARSH. That was all that we wanted and have been praying for.



Your sevak,

D.C. Nath

(Former Spl. Director, IB)

(President, Patriots’ Forum)

Source: Patriot Forum

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