Opinion: D. C. Nath (President, Patriot’s Forum) – Terror Attack At Gurudaspur (Punjab). How Long Shall We Accept Acts Of Pak Terrorism?

DC Nath SmallPresident of Patriots Forum, D.C. Nath was superannuated in January, 1995, as the Special Director, Intelligence Bureau, D.C. Nath (IPS-1960) was associated with the International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM), headquartered in New Delhi, for over 14 years, first as the Executive President & CEO and then as the President & Director General, between February, 1997 and March, 2011. The author of a highly acclaimed book, Intelligence Imperatives for India, Mr. Nath earned high plaudits from all around for two of his very significant presentations on: “Revisiting the Future of India” (2005, London) and “Lessons from India for the War On Terrorism” (2007, USA). He is the only one in the field, combining the experiences of a police officer with specialization in intelligence and strategic analysis and an industrial security expert par excellence. More Bio on D. C. Nath…



July 29, 2015


The Union Home Minister

(Shri Rajnath Singh)

Government of India,

New Delhi.


Respected Kendriya Griha Mantriji,


Subject: Terror Attack At Gurudaspur (Punjab). How Long Shall We Accept Acts Of Pak Terrorism?


Suffering from a feeling of humiliation at the Pak terror attack near Gurudaspur in Punjab, we beg to submit the following:


1) The fact that the GPS set has clarified that it was Pakistan and Pakistan only all the way, working through all the Pak-based anti-India terror outfits, was it required of you, Griha Mantriji, to still speak of India believed in peace through talks? Our feeling is it is time not only to issue strong statements that we would give suitable reply but do actually retaliate in kind on the ground. That is the language Pakistan understands. This is not the time to indulge in diplomacy here. Let the diplomats do that.

2) Let the proposed talk at the NSA level continue because our NSA will then be in a position to confront his counterpart with the irrefutable evidence available with him.

3) We are confident such action by India will be appreciated by the global powers. Otherwise, it will be rightly construed that India is a toothless entity.

4) The clear possibility of the revival of the Khalistani movement must be kept in view. It would be necessary to take all possible measures to forestall all such possibility.

5) Kudos to the special Punjab Police that they gunned down the terrorists.

6) But, knowing what the Pakistan is good at, we must strengthen the international border with it. It has to be remembered that though this seemed to be, from the GPS recovered, an act by the Pak terrorists, ISIS has been knocking at the door for some time. Instigation by them cannot be ruled out. Days are not far off when it would be an act by the ISIS and the ISIS alone.

7) The great lesson that K P S Gill Sir had left behind to educate and involve the local population in the fight against the Khalistanis will have to be publicised.

8) We would through you request the Ministry of External Affairs to maintain adequate vigilance on the Khalistani elements outside the country, who are the real instigators from behind.

9) The Punjab police/intelligence will have to remember that more numbers of terrorists must have entered, as seems to have been indicated by the circumstance. They have to be ferreted out without fail. Therein, the Punjab police will derive the benefit of having developed the K P S Gill modem.


Manyabar Griha Mantriji, the members of the general public are looking forward to you for some effective answer to follow up the empty, verbal statement that we would give tit for tat to the Pak intransigence at the IOB.


Yours sincerely,


D.C. Nath

(Former Spl. Director, IB)

(President, Patriots’ Forum)




Copy, forwarded for action as thought appropriate, to:


· The National Security Advisor,

(Shri A K Doval)


· The Union Home Secretary

(Shri L.C. Goyal)


· Foreign Secretary,

(Shri Subrahmanyam Jaishankar)


· Cabinet Secretary

(Shri Pradeep Kumar Sinha)


· The Prime Minister Office

(Shri P.K. Mishra)


Yours sincerely,


D.C. Nath

(Former Spl. Director, IB)

(President, Patriots’ Forum)


Source: Patriot Forum

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