Outraged By The Dastardly Terror Attack On Amarnath Yatra – VHPA Memo To Indian Embassy, D.C.

Friday the 14th July of 2017, VHP America, Executive and Volunteer Team, along with Leadership from Hindu American community of Washington D.C. Rallied at the Indian Embassy with a mission to Express our concern at the failure of Government of India in protecting its own citizens.

VHP America was able to strongly and significantly lodge our protest, upon articulating our concerns to the official representative of the embassy of India, Washington D.C.

Embassy official acknowledged VHP America formal memo, was very sincere in accepting, recording our deep concerns and did indeed empathize fully with our cause and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Hindu American community Leadership and volunteers who showed up on a work day and applauded us for standing up in solidarity in these turbulent times.

Embassy official gave an exceptionally patient ear, as we engaged in a detailed discussion on ensuring the safety and security of peace loving pious Hindu devotees committed to an annual and one of our most sacred of Hindu Pilgrimages and shared a few insights into how Indian intelligence agencies, law and police enforcement, border security and similar agencies including political and policy officials are committed to ensuring protection to the nation and all of its diverse citizens.

Also promised to voice our passionate appeal for stricter and stronger security measures and to carry the message and the distress in our voice up the chain of command to the key and top officials in union government of India.

VHP America profusely thanked him for the time, patience and courtesy. And, we too responded warmly to his request and appeal to continue to engage with the embassy on initiatives that we could work and contribute mutually.

Today, We collectively mourn the deep loss of Amarnath Yatra Hindu Pilgrims to these heinous Islamic Jihadi Terrorists and their evil ideology.

*And. Yes.* *#HinduLivesMatter*

#IAmAHindu and I am outraged by the recent Dastardly #Terror attack on pious and innocent #AmarnathYatra # Hindu Pilgrims and Devotees in India.

*We. Demand. Action.*


*On Behalf of*

*World Hindu Council* ( *VHPA* ) Volunteers, Hindu Americans, Community Leaders and Well Wishers.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)