Pak Hindu Commits Suicide To Escape Muslim Murderers

10615889_818917678148378_2032956242_nReports are coming from our contacts in Pakistan that one of our Hindu brothers has succumb to the fear of terrorism and has burnt himself alive to escape the continuing Muslim pogroms that effect the Hindus of that land. Dharam Dass featured above was reported to be grief stricken after watching his two friends be murdered by Muslim assailants.  It is widely rumored that Dharam was harassed by Muslim groups after the incident and that he decided to take his own life rather than die at the hands of his tormentors. – JFH Correspondent, Pakistan

It is believed that Dharam Dass was the witness to the double murder of two Hindu brothers earlier this month, Heera Lal Malhi, 45, and Ashok Kumar Malhi, 32.  Both men were shot dead as they returned home from their shop.  While the incident was booked as a robbery the Hindu community believes it was yet another attempt to intimidate them into submission by Islamic groups. The murders led to several aggressive protests and accusations against the local government of aiding and abetting subtle acts of terrorism against the minority Hindu community. –  Speaking up: Umerkot protests killing of Hindu traders during robbery, Express Tribune
Pakistan at one time was a Hindu land.  Even after the partition of India along Hindu-Muslim lines in 1947, the population of Pakistani Hindus was close to 35%.  After years of ethnic cleansing and exodus on the part of Hindus their population as dropped to less than 2% of the population, yet still they are demonically harassed by the Muslim regime of Pakistan which is officially an Islamic state.  Hindus of the region have traditionally owned their own land and businesses; taking this land and wealth has been an added incentive for the state to turn a blind eye to minority cleansing. Most Hindus have fled Pakistan to India where they languish in refugee camps.  Under Islam our brothers and sisters have no right to live no less a right to freedom.  Obviously this stress has taken its toll.
We cannot just allow these kinds of atrocities to go on without protest.  The world must know what is going, but more importantly we Hindus need to reach out to our family in need.  It is vital that we get this information out there, even more vital for us to come together to make sure the world sees we exist.  But more than this we need to become pro-active.  Hindus will stop dying the day we make sure they are safe in the first place rather than just reporting and protesting their deaths.  We have failed when our brothers and sisters must resort to taking their own lives to escape such horrific oppression.  They obviously feel hopeless and abandoned.
There is no other way to combat this feeling of despair among minority Hindus than to rise up and show strength.  Where was the hand to reach out to Dharam Dass?  Where was the media and the human rights organization to save him from this horrendous fate?  Think about Dharam Dass and take his tragic end into your heart, because it could have been you.  But will we let that happen again and again?  NO!  We cannot allow one more Dharam Dass to be taken from us, we cannot allow one more Hindu to feel the darkness and think they are alone.  We did not start Justice For Hindus to write obituaries…  by the power of Mother Durga this will stop!