Pakistani Hindus Organise Rally Demanding Indian Citizenship

pakistan_mapAround 200 families of Pakistani Hindus, who have migrated here, today staged a demonstration and demanded Indian citizenship saying they do not wish to return to their country.

“Nearly one thousand Hindus comprising 200 families have migrated from Pakistan since 2005 and are willing to settle down in India. We want Indian citizenship as we do not wish to return to Pakistan because our relatives are in Gujarat,” K H Kannar, leader of the Pakistan-based Hindus, said in the memorandum submitted to district officials here today.

“Though our relatives live in Gujarat, we find it difficult to move in the state since Gujarat is the only state in the country to have banned visitors from Pakistan travelling in the state,” the memorandum said, urging the state government to lift the ban.

“We have come here and are now willing to settle in India. Therefore, we urge the union government to give us Indian citizenship,” the memorandum said.

Source: Outlook