Quota should continue till there is discrimination: Mohan Bhagwat


PTI Jan 28, 2016, 04.02PM IST

PUNE: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today said reservation policy should continue till there is “social discrimination” in the country.

“Till social discrimination exists, reservation must be there. But it should be implemented honestly,” he said in reply to a query at a ‘students’ parliament’ organised by Maharashtra Institute of Technology ( MIT) here.

The RSS has no disagreement with the country’s Constitution, Bhagwat said, adding reservation policy with regard to government jobs and admission to educational institutions, however, must be implemented honestly. He said the duties of citizens enumerated in the Constitution should also be followed.

Describing Lord Ram as an “ideal of Hindu culture”, he favoured construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya.

Asked whether the poor would start gettting their daily bread if the temple is constructed, Bhagwat retorted, “Have rotis come to them till now when it has still not been constructed?”

To a question regarding the perception about growing intolerance, Bhagwat said, “Tolerance and acceptance is the soul of our culture,” and added selfish sentiments are wrong.

When asked about politics based on religion, he said, “This should be asked of those who do it. This question is not for me.”

“We should practise what we preach and embrace the good,” he said.

Bhagwat said culture is the soul of Indian Constitution, which has the provision for effecting necessary changes to it to suit the changing times.

Bhagwat was speaking on ‘Culture and Constitution’ at the event.

He said when the country gained freedom a new nation came into existence of those who felt India was not their country.

While the Indian Constitution accepted all and was formed on consensus, the Pakistani Constitution was based on one religion and community, he said.

“The mindset of Pakistan had no scope for tolerance or acceptance,” the RSS chief said, adding India always accepted and honoured diversity in which lay its unity.

“Unity in diversity is our value and Sanatan dharma,” Bhagwat said.

Source: The Economic Times