Rally Held by Giobal Hindu Foundation Surrey For Abducted Nigerian Girls

All around the world peace loving people have appalled and raised their voices against the most heinous crime committed by terrorist Islamic group- Boku Harem by kidnapping more than 300 girl -students in Nigeria. A rally was organized by NEVR ( Networking to Eliminate Violence in Relationships ) and Global Hindu Foundation to add our collective voice to the international community on May 12,2014 at the campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey.
Dr. Balbir K.Gurm, chair of NEVR welcomed the people. ” We-Canadians believe in creating a society where violence in relationships is not tolerated or accepted. When we came to know about the tragedy in Nigeria that Boku Harem is using religion to justify atrocities against women, we need to let our community know that we don’t accept this as a norm in our society”. said Gurm.

Gary Thandi,Executive Director, Genesis gave the details of abduction.”Terrorists have passion for destruction and seek endorsement from religion for their violent deeds. They are enemies of humanity,” commented Thandi.

Police Chief-Jim Cessford and Inspector-Darshan Charna expressed their concerns about the violence against women in community. Jim felt that we have to educate people and should not tolerate any violence based upon ill-traditions or cultures.

Acharya Dwivedi who organized prayer said,” We the global community members do not condone gender violence and use the power of prayer to bring back the girls.. Prayers in whatsoever language are offered, all go to one-God. It carries enormous power of healing.” Obviously, prayer transforms are misgivings and conflicts into compassion and love The following spiritual leaders offered the prayers-Bernie Parkinson(Native), Gian Singh Kotli (Sikhism), Mufti Ashim Rashid(Islam), Susan(Christianity), Acharya Dwivedi(Hinduism).

Source: The Link