RamQuest: A magazine on Lord Ram and Ramayana!

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Jai Siya Ram!

It gives me an immense pleasure in informing you that that with Prabhu Shri Ram’s infinite mercy, the premier issue of RamQuest was recently launched by Didi Maa Ritambhara Ji in Houston, USA.

RamQuest is a full-color magazine with the sole objective of spreading holy name of Bhagwan Shri Ram and divine message of Ramayana. The first issue can be downloaded from http://www.ramacharit.org/RAMQUEST/July2017.pdf . Our goal is reach out to as many souls as possible to spread name of Lord Ram and the message of Ramayana. Therefore, please feel free to forward this magazine to as many as possible. You can also upload it on your social media. If you like to read a printed copy, please send me your address and we will be happy to send you a copy.

Worldwide distribution of RamQuest has been possible to generous contribution of many Ram devotees and Ramayana lovers. It is my great honor to invite you to support RamQuest by becoming its Patron. We wholeheartedly thank all our patrons!

Suggested annual contribution for becoming a patron is $51 (individual), $101 (family), $251(organizations)   [for residents living in India, they are Rs. 501, Rs. 1,001, and Rs. 2,501, respectively]

Names of patrons will be published in 4 consecutive issues. Each individual patron will get 5 copies of RamQuest for one year, and family/business patrons will get 10 copies for one year. Organizations will receive 25 copies. Please visit www.ramacharit.org/ramquest for complete information on RamQuest.

100% of patronage funds will be used to support printing and mailing of RamQuest. I shall be looking forward to your patronage.

Ram Ram.


Omprakash Gupta, Ph.D.

Editor, RamQuest (713-471-7822)


PS: A list of current patrons is attached. If you wish to be a patron, please write me your name(s) immediately, so we can include the same in the second issue which is about to for print within next few days.

If you have a business, you may consider advertising in RamQuest. We do not publish ads that are inappropriate such as for liquor, meat business, gambling, smoking, etc.

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