Response received to the drive undertaken by HJS through its website against anti-Hindu film ‘Mohalla Assi’

Film ‘Mohalla Assi’ depicts Hindu Dharma and Varanasi, their place of pilgrimage in a negative manner; therefore, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has undertaken an extensive movement against this film. As a part of this movement, awareness is being created through internet and with the grace of Bhagavan Shrikrushna; good response is received from netizens.

A report on the same is given below

1. Website of HJS : On the official website, HJS is creating awareness amongst people about its movement. From 1st July to 20th July 2015, more than 15,500 devout Hindus visited news related to ‘Mohalla Assi’, both English ae well asHindi.

2. Facebook : On Facebook pages of HJS, matter giving true nature of the above film has been uploaded under the hash tag of #BanMohallaAssi and more than 90% of people have given responses in favour of HJS’ stand. Response received during 20 days for its English and Hindi pages is as given below :

2. A. Total ‘reach’ (topic reached how many people) : 26,15,010

2. B. Total engagement (likes, shares and comments) : more than 1, 38, 500

3. Selected responses from devout Hindus

3. A. I thank Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for creating awareness amongst people against anti-Hindu film ‘Mohalla Assi’. I will send website’s this link to my friends and request them to spread this information. – Shri. Amit Khatri

3. B. This film is a conspiracy hatched for insulting Hindu Dharma. If ban is not imposed on this film, there will be outbreak of Hindus’ sentiments. A case of defamation should be filed against the producer, director and artistes claiming Rs. 100 crores from them. – Shri. Sanjeev Tripathi

3. C. Had the producer dared to treat objects of worship in case of followers of other religions, there would have been mayhem in this country. Hindus are indifferent; therefore, anyone dares to make mockery of Hindu Dharma and Deities. I extend full support to the movement started by HJS against the film. – Shri. Devang Thakkar

O devout Hindus ! Do your duty towards Dharma ! Tell your family, relatives, friends about the anti-Hindu film ‘Mohalla Assi’ which is trying to attack Hindu Dharma and create awareness amongst them through internet !

Links of the relevant news on HJS website –

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Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat