Role of Hindu temples in India for social change


Hinduism is homogeneous and all the philosophies of Hinduism are interlinked.Different philosophies ,born out of one philosophy is prescribed  to people, based on the level of spirituality of thepeople.We will discuss that in the article.You can only know about it when you have studied the entire religion and not just in bits and pieces.Hence any sect of Hinduism marries any othersect.The country remained in darkness and lack of education for 800 years but time has come for a quick change.I am lucky to be born in this era rather than Satya Yuga.

Unless our temple authorities are upgraded,we cannot see the social change that we require.Temple authorities in villages can play a very important role in social change.We do not need more Temples in India but need human development and up-gradation of the current one.


Do any deserve liberty who are not ready to give it to others? Let us calmly go to work, instead of dissipating our energy in unnecessary fretting and fuming~Swami Vivekananda


Temple must announce about the donor and how the money has been utilized for the people.Details of the people who benefit from our donations.Children of priest must get free education from the Government.Anyone well versed in Hinduism must be allowed to become priest.

1. Eradication of hereditary Caste System from the society.CasteSystem or Varna System is based on meditation or prayers orKarma.There is no hereditary caste system as mentioned by Manu in Original Manusmriti not the British translated Manusmriti.

 the people in temples aware of true Hinduism?Do they understand the basic concept of Hinduism?

Knowledge exists eternally and is co-existent with God. The man who discovers a spiritual law is inspired, and what he brings is revelation; but revelation too is eternal, not to be crystallized as final and then blindly followed. The Hindus have been criticized so many years by their conquerors that they (the Hindus) dare to criticize their religion themselves, and this makes them free. Their foreign rulers struck off their fetters without knowing it. The most religious people on earth, the Hindus have actually no sense of blasphemy; to speak of holy things in any way is to them in itself a sanctification. Nor have they any artificial respect for prophets or books, or for hypocritical piety.~Swami Vivekananda

Hindu philosophy on the highest level of spirituality

3.Providing Food,clothes,education to poor people.

4.Protection of environment and providing relief during natural disasters like flood,earthquake,drought,fire etc.

5.Teaching classical dance,classical music,Yoga and meditation

6.Educating masses on hygiene,sanitation and waste disposal.

7.Ayurveda free treatment to people

8.Ayurveda treatment of rescued birds,donating bird houses,feeders and keeping environment in balance.

9.Free marriage and arrangement for poor people.Helping in marriage registration.

10.Free Sanskrit classes for people.Creating more Sanskrit teachers.Sanskrit is the mother of all Indo Aryan languages,extremely modern and stylish.

11.Plantation of trees,flowering plants,Ayurveda herbs with the help of forest departments.

12.Making homes for stray animals where people can come and donate.

13.Supporting widows,orphans and old people

14.Teaching ancient scriptures and creating a good library.

15.Those who want to re-convert back must be encouraged and temple authorities must provide them with help. Ofcourse this should not be done by defaming any religion like evil people do.

16.Loud speakers should be removed from temples.We do not want show of religion.Most temples do not have loud speakers.Spirituality demands internal elegance.Recite mantra silently orGroup recitations are fine.

17.Temples must have modern technology to dispose off the waste like flowers,leaf plates,food remains etc and train people to dispose off waste.

18.Temple using bathroom tiles must remove it and use ancient materials for re-construction. Vedic rules are not followed in temple construction.

19.Do you welcome a devotee with flowers ,water fountains,exotic lights or with shoes?Many Hindu temples do not follow the vedic architectural trends.Shoes racks must not face the visitors and must be designed so that you walk behind the beautifully designed rock wall to keep the shoes or washing hand and legs.Neat and Clean toilet must be provided in this area.

20.Public participation in temple activities.Hindu temple get the maximum donation from people in the form of cash,gold,diamonds worth in millions.Temple must take the responsibility to inform people what did they do with the donation.Government also collects tax in the form of huge economy only from Hindu temples and has so far done nothing for them.

21.Beggar rehabilitation program.Making low cost portable designer road  shops with the help of TATA nano home builders and skill development. Temple must help the beggars financially while they establish themselves.Indian volunteers can help the beggars in skill development.

22.Temple must collect new and old stuff to help poor masses.Temple must have a room dedicated to collecting books in perfect condition,children toys,bicycles,clean ironed perfect to wear old clothes,clean ironed old bed-sheets,pots,plants,old computers in working condition,old furniture’s,blankets,old utensils,old kitchen gadgets etc.The donors can fill a form and donate.The temple authorities can distribute them in village schools.The receiver can send a thank-you received  slip  to the donor.The art of giving new things or old things is to be taught by temple authority without forcing anyone.

23.Ironing clothes and underwear was ancient Indian method to get rid of any germs on clothes.People must take bath,wear neat ironed clothes to the temple.

24.God exists as Soul is every man,women and child.People must stand in queue reciting mantra in thoughts and not push anyone. Behaviors of people in Temple determines how temple authorities have trained them.

25.Educating masses in giving respect to women is the basic principal of Hinduism.

Blue fountains



welcome wall






Each work has to pass through these stages—ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance. Those who think ahead of their time are sure to be misunderstood.~Swami Vivekananda

Put God behind everything—people, animals, food, work. Make this a habit.~Swami Vivekananda

We must plunge heart and soul and body into the work. And until we are ready to sacrifice everything else to one Idea and to one alone, we never, never will see the Light.~Swami Vivekananda