Root of the present advanced science is in Vedas – Udayan Indurkar


‘Vedas’, The Root of the present advanced science !

Pune (Maharashtra) : The root of the advanced science and technology that we talk about is found in Vedas and scriptures. Scultures are created to make them everlasting. I am doing research on it and I am getting the proof also, said Mr. Udayan Indurkar. He showed a short film on ‘Ek Deool Hote’ (There was a temple) through the institution called Blushing Indian Stones. That time he was addressing the gathering. Mr. Indurkar is a post graduate in Indian languages. Presently he is doing Ph.D in the subject showing a relation of Hindu Deities with the modern science and proportion of these relations in the ancient temples.

Information regarding the history of temples, their creation, architecture described by Varajhmihir in his scripture, creation of temples after that, so also the information regarding the discovery by Sages regarding the period with respect to Yug, Manvantar, Kalpa and Brahamand mentioned in Vedas, is given there.

Udayan Indurkar

He said that the atom was discovered by Sage Kanad and not by science. Mr. Indurkar showed through the short film information about the study done of the idols found in the excavations of Ajanta Verul (Maharashtra), Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh and other temples in the country for doing research on the Murtividnyan (Science behind the sculpting idols) and the Art.

Mr. Indurkar working incessantly for the last 20 years to bring before the world unfathomable knowledge inside temples !

When Mr. Indurkar was asked about the purpose of his mission, he said, my mission is to bring before the people the philosophy and science that is present in ancient idols and temples. I am doing this through the medium of the institution called Blushing Indian Stones for the last 20 years. I want to bring before the world the unfathomable knowledge present in temples. Some temples in Cambodia have this in store on a large scale. They are built on the basis science. The work is going on from the perspective of the science and Hindu Deities. I am bringing the beauty in the sculptures before the world and creating awareness through this medium.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat