RPP-N hints at parting ways with monarchy for Hindu state

Kamal Thapa

KATHMANDU, MAY 23 – In a significant ideological shift, Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal (RPP-N) is preparing to soften its stance onmonarchy while fully concentrating on reviving Hindu statehood through its first general convention.

The only mainstream pro- monarchy , pro-Hindu party of the country is seriously mulling party statute amendment to move withthe times. In line with this, the party’s political dossier to be presented during the RPP-N convention has identified a dozen “ideological bases” for the party while remaining conspicuously silent on constitutional monarchy , which was the party’s signature agenda during its formation some six years ago.

Similarly, RPP-N’s slogan for the convention — “Economic Prosperity for the Preservation of Nationality, Democracy, Hindu religion,” – does not even mention monarchy .

The document prepared by a team led by the party’s articulate Chairman Kamal Thapa puts clear emphasis on nationality, Hindu statehood , multiparty democracy, local autonomy governance system, liberal economy, non-aligned foreign policy and greater inclusiveness with due focus on economic development.

“The convention will set a long term strategy of gradual transformation of the party to keep up with the changing time and context,” Thapa said in a press meet on Thursday.

Asked why the party’s political agenda set for the upcoming convention does not even mention constitutionalmonarchy let alone focus party’s attention on it, he replied in very tactful manner, “We believe in monarchy but don’t have the kind of strength in the Constituent Assembly to endorse all our political agendas.”

In order to convey the message of its increasing focus on Hinduism, the party has decided to organise Yagya (a prayer ceremony) at Bhadrakali in Kathmandu for the success of the convention on Friday.

Responding to the query on whether the rise of Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi in India will make it easier for RPP-N to win support for its political agendas, Thapa said the Indian Prime Minister-designate has great faith and devotion towards Hinduism and wishes to see Nepal move ahead in the path of  prosperity and development.

“During my meeting with Modi few months ago, I finally came to know his profound devotion towards Hinduism andits cause. But this does not mean Modi will influence our party’s policy and there is no need of getting overwhelmed or saddened by the rise of Modi in India,” he added.

The four-day convention of RPP-N will kick off with a mass meeting at Khullamanch on Saturday, where the partyaims to parade around 100,000 cadres from various parts of the country.

Source: Ekantipur.com