Sagarika Ghose, anti- Hon. Indian PM brigade insult Indian mandate

Sagarika Ghose, anti-Modi brigade insult Indian mandate

Sagarika Ghose, anti-Modi brigade insult Indian mandate

On Sagarika Ghose’s recent episode of Face the People on CNN-IBN, Anand Patwardhan insulted the people of India. “It depresses me to see Modi becoming the Prime Minister”, he moaned, but his utterances reveal him as more repressed than depressed.

Patwardhan, who? A filmmaker, who is now famous not for his films but for his weepy and wishy-washy whining against Narendra Modi.

What is Patwardhan’s peeve? That Modi is a great orator worries him! How come? Because Modi often tells lies, he says, and tells them convincingly. So, Modi lied all the way on his rise from a chaiwalah to a four-time Chief Minister and to the Prime Minister of the country! That’s how he created history by leading the first non-Congress party to a majority on its own in Delhi. That’s how he reduced the Congress to its lowest tally in history. A brilliant story idea for a film!

Patwardhan insists that Modi successfully marketed something that is wholly unmarketable. But, is India so dumb to fall for a product that has not only zero value but is also very harmful to them? Yes, they are; pat comes the answer from our very pat Patwardhan, citing the example of face whitening cream.

After such a daring and deviant opening, Patwardhan’s screenplay simply goes to the dogs. He accuses news channels and Sagarika Ghose, of all the ones you can think of, of not exposing Modi’s lies and doing a puff job for Modi’s election campaign!

Sagarika Ghose promoting Modi? Well, seems like Patwardhan’s depression has reached a terminal stage that is now bordering on the maniacal. Sagarika supporting Modi is like Sitaram Yechury joining the RSS!

While every Member of the Parliament present in the Central Hall was visibly moved by Modi’s emotional breakdown during his address, Patwardhan ‘compliments’ Modi for being a good actor. To mock a heart-felt expression, epitomising the exalted ideal of dutyto guru, can only occur to a cruel and heartless mind reeking of hatred.

Desperately trying to dramatise his angst, Patwardhan goes on to whine, “we all don’t have to love Modi because 69 per cent did not vote for him.”

This is the last dying claim of the defeated repeated ad nauseam, as if it is a self-evident axiom.

Patwardhan’s pedigree is peddling phony screenplays and not the arithmetic of democracy. Still, let’s take him on his own premise that 69 per cent did not vote for Modi. Flip his own logic, and you can argue that nearly 80 per cent of the voters did not vote for the Congress, and 90 per cent did not vote for the other so-called secular parties.

Crunch the math another way; if the BJP had got another 4-5 per cent vote share, theycould have won 450 seats. But still, Patwardhan would have been right in saying that 60 per cent of India did not vote for Modi.

To give a cinematic parallel, going by Patwardhan’s school of thought, Ramesh Sippy’sSholay was not watched by around 80 per cent of Indians and so would he say it was a flop!

Patwardhan, then goes on to share his gyan about how Modi and the BJP won in the election. Amit Shah went to UP, fired up riots, Muzaffarnagar burned, and people of UP were so terrified that they voted for Modi. Since, this stinks like a gutter report, Patwardhan corroborates it by saying that’s how Modi came to power in Gujarat.

These are horrible and horrendous sick thoughts of a perverted mind echoing a failed, frustrated and obnoxious blast from the recent past.

For perverts like Patwardhan, Sagarika Ghose makes a perfect host. For the benefit of those who are not couch potatoes of the political kind, Sagarika Ghose makes a living outof patronising and promoting all those who are anti-Modi and is a suitable case for study on how a person who knows next to nothing about politics has gone on to become a famous TV anchor.

See how cleverly she gave an opening to Patwardhan, suggesting that the problem of being an orator (Modi) lies in living up to what he promises, and then making snide comments on Modi’s reference to Deen Dayal Upadhyay. Sagarika also wonders whether Modi, while referring to Advani in his address, became emotional because of his tussle with Advani.

In a Modi-fied India, Anand Patwardhan and perverts like him should not expect to be pampered and prized like they were in the UPA days. They have, of course, every right to their pretensions and their concoctions, while at the same time we have the right not to pretend.

The anti-Modi industry has for years sought to build an edifice of hate around Modi and the Sangh Parivar. But the face of pure hate was there for everyone to see in Anand Patwardhan. He sure is depressed. The Mumbai BJP unit should Fed-Ex him a lorry-load of anti-depressants. A little bit of Gandhigiri won’t hurt.

Anand Patwardhan has insulted millions of Indians who voted for Modi. Here’s hoping that more and more people feel insulted by him!

Source: Niti Central