Sanjiva Narasimha Appadoo “Protection of Cows in Mauritius” – Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014


safe_imageVedic culture, Hindu as it is widely known to day is the only one that went far ahead of others in recognizing that all beings are created equal, not just men.Worship of cow is most humane thing, man should realize. When some one opens a door, we say thanks. But when a gentle creature gives life sustaining milk to children and adults, only civilization that thanks and insists on giving thanks through preserving it rather than slaughter of it, is our religion and civilization .

Is it any wonder may be very sophisticated and ‘modern’, yet those cults and creeds with no prohibition of this cruelty, marked their history with genocides, wars,taking slaves and so on which in some places like middle east, as you know still continues.

Please see enclosed, from Mauritius. You can see our gentle practices in vogue there . Taking due care of Cows is one of them​” ​
G V Chelvapilla

Sanjiva Narasimha Appadoo “Protection of Cows in Mauritius” – Savetemples Short Film Festival 2014
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