Save Gita Press


Sudhir Chaudhary @sudhirchaudhary

Please share #SaveGitaPress with your friends&family.Don’t let our cultural values die.


​”​It is very disturbing and sad to learn that Gita Press, Gorakhpur , UP is shut down due to labor problems. Wonder why a campaign to save if was not launched, surely funds could have been raised if the money was problem , in settling labor dispute. Gita Press has done yeoman service to our Dharma with its publications of original Valmiki Ramayana with English translation and many other such sacred literature of our heritage. Hope Central Government takes notice and helps the press to reopen. Is there nothing political and cultural leaders in India can do to save the Gita Press ?​” G V Chelvapilla

“Gita Press is Internationally known among the Hindus and those interested in Hindu literature Gita press is well known for ancient Hindu literature.
It Must be saved at all cost. Temple Money can be used to save Gita Press instead of funding Haj. Government and Minister of Education Shri Smriti Irani must Wake up now and do something.”
– Deva

Source: WHN Media Network