Scholarly saints also discontent with arrangements of Mela administration

Ujjain :  Highly literate Sadhus are also camping here in Simhastha Mela and preaching Sanatan Dharma in their own way by delivering sermons or by organizing Kathas.

Dr-Raghavsharan-DasDaily thousands of devotees are thronging in their camps and enriching their knowledge of Dharma and exploring the ways of leading peaceful life in the sermons. The Free Press team met with a saint Mahamandleshwar Dr Raghavsharan Das of Gujarat who has done doctorate from Saurashtra University in Ideology and Religion of Aacharya Ramanand and held informal talk on various issues.

Here are the excerpts –

Q) What you found in research work you did on Aacharya Ramamand?

Ans: Aacharya Ramanand dedicated his entire life in unification of all communities and saved them from disintegrating at times when our country faced several invasions from Mangol, Mughal and British invaders. The saint also did lot of work for the upliftment of backward classes and also preached religion among masses. And I did my PhD after taking Sanyas when my Guru Jaankijivan Sharan Maharaj of Ayodhya directed me to pursue for higher studies.

Q) How today’s young generation could be brought back on the path of spiritualism?

Ans: We have to present idol behavior in front of them and when they will witness our sacrifice, penance and thoughts they will get inclined towards the path of spiritualism leaving behind all bad habits. Nothing will change by merely delivering sermons and discourse.

Q) Did performing Hawans changes environment and how?

Ans: Smoke released after burning Samidha with other ingredients in Hawan Kund purifies the environment and also cuts down the pollution. At present environment of Simhastha fair area has become very pure and it’s all due to hundreds of Yagnas which are being performed in Mela area.

Q) Are you satisfied with the arrangements which Mela administration provided to Sadhus?

Ans: State government has failed to provide the satisfactory arrangements to the saints despite spending whopping amount of Rs 3500 crore. I did not complain about the arrangements as situation has become like ‘Aranya Rundan’ it means it’s of no use to cry for facilities in forest. Every complaint of Sadhus is falling on deaf ears of the administration and I am astonished that all these are happening in the city which was once the capital of King Vikramaditya.

Source: Free Press Journal