‘Security situation in Jammu is spiraling out of control’ Panun Kashmir

Panun Kashmir
Press Brief

Recent happenings in the state particularly in Kashmir province prove it beyond doubt that all the aspects of security situation on the ground are spiraling out of control. Dithering in responding decisively will prove to be catastrophic. We appeal to government of India to impose Governor’s/President’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir without any further delay to salvage the situation on the ground.
Recent killings in Kashmir by the Islamist terrorists have once again proved that Takfiri Jihad has taken Kashmir into its stranglehold and is threatening to spill over into Jammu province. Takfiri violence is always directed against the widest spectrum of soft and available targets which builds monumental challenges to ensure internal security. The worst development in Kashmir is the penetration of Jihadi doctrines into segments of women folk as well as children. Jihadi ferment has invaded marriage songs, children’s plays. Indoctrination infrastructure of Jihad is flourishing under the present set up in the state. Democracy has been transformed into a sanctuary as well as a nursery of Jihad.
The policy of Government of India in Jammu and Kashmir is already a disaster. It has transformed the governance into an abettor of Jihad. Those nourishing the movement for creation of an Islamic caliphate in the state rule the roost on the ground. Administrative set up is tuned to promote Jihadi interests in the state. Abdication has become a strategy. Pro India narrative in Kashmir has become extinct. All contestation of separatist ideology is being discouraged by none other than the highest echelons of the governments in the state as well as the Centre.
The recent report of the UN on the Human Rights situation has strengthened the Jihadi narrative in the state. Government of India and the state government have allowed the Human Rights Propaganda by the separatist establishment in the state to go uncontested for many years now. In fact governments in the state and the centre have discouraged such contestation. Regressive and fascist nature of the separatism has been deliberately hidden from the nation’s view as well as the world view. That Kashmir is in the grip of Islamo-fascist movement is relentlessly being underplayed and disguised.
The governments in the state and the centre have become agents of denials of the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir. Muslim demographic invasion of Jammu is going on with impunity. The government policies have contributed in this demographic invasion to the extent that most of it appears to be state sponsored. Hindus living in the state are face to face with a crisis of life and death dimensions.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)

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