Sewa & VYASA Concluded 4th Camp to Manage Diabetes Through Yoga Therapy

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HOUSTON: “This was by far the best program in this center with highest rate of retention”, said William Rees ‘Billy’, Senior Consultant with DAWN (Diabetes Awareness & Wellness Network) facility in the 3rd ward area of downtown Houston.

The 20 hour program to manage Diabetes through Yoga therapy was conducted in partnership with City of Houston Health department. This was 4th such camps offered by Sewa International and VYASA in Houston.

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15 residents of third ward area participated in this camp which was spread over 3 weekends.

Melanie Gilmore, (Health Planning Chief with Houston Department of Health and Human Services (HDHHS), Division of Aging, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention (ACDIP), expressed great joy and shared her happiness that so many participants were could participate and benefit from this program . She and her family prepared delicious vegetarian Soup and sandwiches for all participants and encouraged all to continue the practices which they found beneficial.

She also presented the certificate of appreciation from DAWN center to Sewa International and Stop Diabetes Movement for bringing this program to DAWN center. The participants were deeply appreciative of  Venita Ray who helped in bringing this program to DAWN. Venita also expressed great satisfaction and pleasure to see the camp went so well and that it touched so many people in a positive way .

The program was run by volunteer Yoga therapists and Doctors and the participants were deeply appreciative and expressed their gratitude to them for making this program possible.

One participant said, “Since beginning of the program, I am feeling that my blood pressure is normal. I can’t wait to go to my doctor and share the good news.” Others also expressed how much they enjoyed and have found useful this ‘pill-less’ therapy which empowers them.

The program which would have otherwise costed the participants at least a $1000 was offered completely free to all participants and supported by all volunteer Yoga Therapists and medical doctors who came from all parts of the city from Katy to Pearland to Woodlands.

Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM) originated at SVYASA, Yoga University in Bangalore, India. Through systematic research of 30 years, comprehensive yoga modules have been established that have shown measurable improvement in the various complications associated with Diabetes. The program has been proven to reduce cholesterol and reduce dependence on medicines as well as reduce anxiety and depression associated with the disease. VYASA centers in Houston with help of Sewa International has conducted SDM camps in different part of the city with help of local organizations since beginning of the year.

Next SDM at Sugarland is scheduled for Late January 2015.

Source: Indo American News