Shivaji and Vietnam?

Shivaji Bhosale


Shivaji and Vietnam?

Is their statue of Indian hero chatrapati shivaji in Vietnam?
Yes there is a Statue of Chathrapati Shivaji Maharajah in HO CHI MINH City of
They installed it as a tribute to the great King of India.
During the Vietnam War they used to study the guerrilla war tactics from
the style of Shivaji

The original mail is in Marathi. Translation is as follows :-
A small country like Vietnam brought a Mighty USA to it’s knees. President
of Vietnam was asked by reporters, how could they achieve that feat ?

He replied that ” I read the character & deeds of a great King, who
inspired me to try his war tacticts against the US Forces..and the success
just followed.”
When asked who was the King , he replied “Shivaji. ” He further added that “had
such a King been born in Vietnam, we would have ruled the world ” After the
death of the said Vietnamese President, he had it inscribed on his
tombstone ” Shivaji Maharaja’s One Mavla, has achived Samadhi ” ( Since
Shivaji’s soldiers belonged to Maval region of Maharashtra, they were
called Mavlas )

A few years later the Vietnamese, Lady Foreign Minister visited India, and
as per SOP conducted to Red Fort and Gandhi’s Samadhi. She asked where is
“Shivaji’s Samadhi” ? The Govt officials went into a flutter, and replied
that ” at Raigadh”. She expressed her desire to visit the same. On reaching
the Samadhi at Raigadh, & paying her tributes, she picked up the soil
around the samadhi and and put it into her briefcase. When questioned by
reporters, she answered ” This soil is of land of braves..once I return to
Vietnam, I will mix it with soil of my country, so that brave people like
Shivaji will be born there.”

Source. Anurag Kashyap

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