Significance of Hindu’s Holy Shravan Maas And Shravan Somwar

Significance of Shravan Somwar Shravan Maas is a popular concept with regard to the Hindu religion. What exactly do we understand by the term? What is Shravan Somwar? Well, to begin with, the fifth month of the Hindu calender is commonly referred to as Shravan Maas. It usually commences during the early weeks of July and lasts until early August. Sometimes, the period lasts sometime between late July and the third week of August. The Shravan Maas is considered by Hindus as the holiest time of the year with may people choosing this period to be a ripe occasion for festivals and other celebrations. Before we get started, let us understand the mythology behind this auspicious phenomenon.


It is said that Samudra Mathan, a concept pertaining to the churning of oceans took place, further resulting in the expulsion of poison. As this poison had nowhere to go, Lord Shiva consumed it and preserved it in his throat. This is also the myth behind him assuming the name Neelkantha or blue throat. Also, Lord Shiva, in order to dampen the effects of the poison, placed the crescent moon on the top of his head.

Now, coming to the significance of the Shravan Maas and the dates for the year 2014.. The Shravan Maas in the year 2014 will commence on the 13th of July. The Shravan Somwar, an auspicious day that marks the Shravan Somwar Vrat, will take place on the following Mondays i.e. 14th, 21st , 28th , 4th of August. The Shravan Maas ends on the 10th of August, Sunday.

During the Shravan Maas, on Mondays, or Shravan Somwars, a fast is observed. We’ll now look at the significance of fasting during Shravan Somwar. It will help us understand why people fast during Shravan Somwar.

During the month of Shravan, Lord Shiva is considered to be the most powerful deity. Women often fast during the Mondays, or Shravan Somwars in order to get the perfect marital match. In order to intensify their prayers and offerings, women fast on Tuesdays and Fridays too. Fasting during Mondays of the Shravan Maas will also help expel negativity in and around us.

Good health and prevention of any form of evil is a benefit of observing the Shravan Somwar Vrat. This is the main reason why people fast during Shravan Somwar.

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