Six Islamic Extremists Arrested In Tamil Nadu


Friday, 15 August 2014 | Kumar Chellappan | Chennai

A sinister plot to murder two prominent Hindu leaders was foiled by Tamil Nadu Police on Wednesday by arresting six persons belonging to Wahabi-e-Islam, a dreaded extremist organisation. The arrested activists have reportedly confessed to the police about their plan to bump off Moogambikai Mani, a leading orator of the Hindu Front and Arjun Sampath, leader of Hindu Makkal Katchi, a regional Hindu political outfit. Both Mani and Sampath have been actively campaigning against religious conversion and Love Jihad in Western Tamil Nadu.

Those arrested on Wednesday have been identified as  Saddm Hussein (24), A Nowshad (30), Y Rahmatullah (24), M Abdul Rasheed (26), Mohammed Azharuddeen (27), Syed Abdul Rehman Umari (43).One of the inspectors  in the team which arrested these persons said the lead to the Wahabi-e-Islam members was provided by Kaja Mohideen (47) and a 17-yer-old boy who were picked up by the Special Investigation Team probing the murder of KP Suresh Kumar, a Hindu Front activist.

Suresh Kumar was murdered right in front of the Joint Police Commissioner’s office at Ambattur, a Chennai suburb, by an unidentified gang in June 2014. Though the police has taken into custody seven persons in connection with the murder of Suresh Kumar, the murderers are still at large.

The arrested Wahab-e-Islam activists told the police that they have devised a plan to murder  Mani  and Sampath. Sampath had a providential escape last year when some miscreants, believed to be Islamic extremists, threw petrol bombs at his house in Coimbatore.   

Eight prominent Hindu leaders were murdered in Tamil Nadu during the last two years. This included BJP’s prominent leader Ramesh and Vellaiyappan, a Hindu Front leader. Interestingly, the police tried to underplay these murders as the fall out of business rivalries and hate speech. But Hindu activists pointed out that all those who fell victims to the swords of the extremists were soft spoken . “No case has been registered against them for any hate speech. This is an attempt to downplay the seriousness of the murders,” said A Remadevi, convenor, Viswa Samvada Kendra, Chennai.

“Everytime a Hindu leader is murdered, the police and the local media attribute the murder to either hate speech or business rivalry to tone down the seriousness. But all those who have been murdered were soft spoken people and no case has been registered against them,” she said.

Ramagopalan, the octogenarian leader of the Hindu Front, said Tamil Nadu has become unsafe for Hindus. “Only Hindu leaders have been murdered in the State. This itself is proof of the fact that Hindus are not safe here. The only crime committed by these martyrs was to create an awareness among the ordinary folk about love jihad and religious conversion,” said Ramagopalan who himself had a miraculous escape from a group of terrorists.

Only Syed Shadan Ahmed, spokesman of the Indian National League, was willing to respond to the comments of the Hindu Front activists. “It is all part of business rivalry. The Sangh Parivar is trying to communalise the whole issue,” said Ahmed. 

Source: Via WHN Publisher