‘Spitting, throwing waste in Hindu’s Holy River Ganga could be punishable offence’

‘Spitting, throwing waste in Ganga river could be punishable offence’

Throwing waste in Ganga river is likely to be made a punishable offence and can land you behind bars.

According to a proposed law which needs the approval of Union Water Resource Ministry, spitting, throwing garbage, polythene or waster in the holy river will be a punishable offence, as per news reports.  The central government is also planning to build 25,000 km inland waterways. Cleaning of the holy river was one of the main agenda of Modi’s campaign during Lok Sabha elections.  Those found guilty can reportedly be imprisoned for up to three years or fined for up to Rs 10,000.

Soon after Modi’s swearing in ceremony, a separate ministry was created to focus on cleanliness of the holy river.  The ministry is being headed by Uma Bharti who is an MP from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh.

Source: Hindu Human Rights