The Dedication of the Chaudron Temple

REUNION ISLAND, June 18, 2018 (France TV Info, translated from French): The Hindu Temple of the Chaudron district of Saint-Denis is getting a new look. On the eve of its centenary, this place, deeply linked to the history of the importation of indentured labor from India and of the Chaudron district, is open again, after a little more than two years of work. As it prepares to celebrate its centenary, the Hindu temple of Cauldron has been totally renovated. Since 2016, the place has been under reconstruction. The work has been done by artists from India with the assistance of young people from the neighborhood.

It must be said that the temple, built in 1920, is an important element of the neighborhood. It would have been built in the manner of those in southern India by Indian laborers who worked at the Domaine du Chaudron sugar plantation located nearby. The latter settled in the surroundings of the estate once the sugar factory closed. After 5 days of prayers, the temple has welcomed many devotees this Sunday, for this final day of ceremonies in honor of its consecration. It remains an important cultural heritage for the generations of today.

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Source: francetvinfo