“The Partition of India, Kashmir and Current Events” by Bal K. Gupta, Survivor Of 1st Hindu Concentration Camp


Invitation “The Partition of India, Kashmir and Current Events” – by Bal K. Gupta



About the Talk: Recents events at JNU in Delhi should send a warning signal to all Hindus on what is at stake, what forces are working against them, what cover they are using, and what is in store in the near future. Hear this from a survivor of the most ghastly genocide in recent history.

Venue/Date/Time: Barbara Bush Library (Spring, TX), 2nd floor conference room, Sat., March 12th, 20162-5 pm
Moderator: Shourie Bannai
RSVP: Gajanan Gaikwad (RSVP by E-Mail: houston@hmsamerica.org)
Talk followed by group discussion. Light Refreshments will be served.


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