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The Reason Why World Hindu News Started




The reason why World Hindu News started was an event in early 2014, I was the organizer of World Hindu Economic Forum in Dallas – a Project of Swami Vigyananda ji. Post event, I send the press release to US and Indian newspapers hoping to get it published. I was confident that “Hindu economic news” should be welcomed as it’s not “controversial”. To my surprise, no US / Houston or Indian newspaper published it or even entertained it. Even some news papers editor who portray themselves as well wishers of Hindu movement didn’t publish it.

I was very disappointed and felt helpless. The apathy of Indian media outlets in America for a news which is pertinent to Hindu economics and business was very hurtful and I vowed to retaliate to this ignorance and mistreatment by starting own Hindu media outlet. It was tough and required a lifetime commitment, I decided to open a Hindu digital newspaper and with the blessings of Swami Vigyananda ji and strategic guidance of Shri. Rajiv Varma & support from VHPA, HMSA and allied Hindu organizations, World Hindu News was inaugurated on Nov 14th 2014 and rest is history.

That was the day and until today I never felt the need or begged anyone for publishing my programs Hindu news to any news paper. A single post at World Hindu News, followed by it’s inclusion in our weekly newsletters result in news broadcast to more than 150,000 active Hindus and over a period of time it’s read worldwide via. our web portal. If given a good monetary support, we can assure you that we can transform World Hindu News from a moderate digital newspaper to a level which reports, publish and broadcast news digitally, TV, print in all major Hindu diaspora geographies. We hope and pray to Hindu Gods for that day. We have the courage, the technology, the zeal and passion with intellectual ability – we lack good funding to take it forward to next level.

This was the press release that no American Indian community newspaper published.

World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) First North American Conference Held in USA


If even one or two news papers would have published above news, World Hindu News wouldn’t have been there. Today we do see many editors, media owners talking openly on Hindu and Hinduism, but prior to 2014 PM Modi era, using word Hindu was a stigma in news media and was considered very communal worldwide.

“It’s tough for the majority Hindu’s to even write an email on  Hindu cause, it’s tougher to start a blog and it’s toughest to start a news media for Hindu cause, As once said by my ideologue, Sh. Rajiv Varma, that you don’t work for Hindu cause for any individual or organization, you work to preserve, protect and sustain yourself and Dharma ” – Rahul