The War On Hindus – Part 1 – #TheBoatards –BY RAVINAR

image001 image002History is a set of lies agreed upon” — That’s what Napoleon said. No better proof of it than the Commie history writers of India. Let’s take someone who now peddles her gobbledegook in a magazine and on TV – Saba Naqvi. Unable to understand or adjust to the rise of Narendra Modi as a pan-India leader she pours her lament from her warehouse called Outlook. Let’s read some samples:
“To fly the tricolour from Srinagar has been an article of faith for all parties which have asserted the Hindu identity since Independence… In Jharkhand, the BJP has built on the cult of Modi and the work done by RSS cadres for some decades now. It’s a state where corruption has corroded every institution and where entire stretches have been lost to Maoists, who have built their corridors because of the atrocious and systematic exploi­tation of tribals and criminal abuse of land and resources. Can Modi effect any real change, or will they just bask in the satisfaction of single-party rule? … The BJP has entered the politics of J&K through Jammu, but for the first time in the history of independent India, a party with a Hindutva ideology will be in a position to change and influence the contours of decision-making that emerge from the state’s twin capitals of Jammu and Srinagar… However, the BJP’s interest in Kashmir is not just about government formation; it’s also about great games, security strategies and international positioning. Modi has evolved no policy on Kashmir till now… For the first time, a party with a Hindutva ideology will be in a position to influence decision-making in J&K”.
Interesting, eh? Fly the tricolour from Srinagar for parties of the Hindutva identity. What if I said to fly the green and crescent or Paki flag is the Muslim identity? And it’s mostly a fact. And Naqvi now makes it sound as if a single party majority is nearly a crime in democracy with her estimates on Jharkhand. They all had hoped that BJP would never get a clear majority anywhere. That would keep the Hindu bastards in check. Right? The final lament – for the first time a party with Hindutva ideology will be in a position to influence decision-making in JK. That’s their problem’ that’s their beef. These Hindutva guys have gotten into power at the Centre and many States. Contrary to popular nonsense, India doesn’t really have Left-wing and Right-wing politics of different hues. Since Independence it has always Commies Vs Hindus. And quite fittingly the losing Commies have declared a war on Hindus from the day the BJP got a clear majority at the Centre. That is what happened with the Pak-boat incident too.
Much has been written about the Pak-boat incident prematurely by the Commie media. In which democracy will you find criminals of the media questioning their own govt and security forces over an incident that has all signs of a threat to the country being averted? Only in India, by the anti-Hindu brigade! Fools like Praveen Swami, claiming to be security experts, wrote crap with great haste and without any great facts at their disposal. And in doing so they even overlooked facts that were available with them. Then there’s the permanent HQ of Pakistan –the anti-Hindu NDTV. The pic below summed up all that the Swami types had to say about the incident:
I am clear about one thing – whether the boat had terrorists or Barkha’s favourite drink or export-items for the gentlemen at IM or SIMI, it was an intruder that posed a threat. In such a situation I would back our Coast Guard and Navy in taking the intruders down if they did not respond to calls and surrender. Whether the boat blew up on its own, by its occupiers, by accident or blown up by our guards is immaterial to me. If intruders do not respond then it should be mandatory to eliminate them. Mind you, this boat was clearly an intruder but even if there was a circumstance under which our guards made an honest mistake in eliminating a suspected threat, I would still back them and stand by them. So why are these media-criminals and Congress bosses so hell bent on proving a “Pak vessel was blown up deliberately” as if it is an act worthy of capital punishment? I have absolutely no problems if the boat was blown up deliberately. I don’t think the Coast Guards were looking for some New Year’s eve fire-show or bonfire.
The simple truth is, just as the same bunch of anti-Hindus made a lot of noise over “Ghar Wapsi” they are now screaming in the same fashion over the boat incident. This has happened before during KargilKandahar and many such incidents. Fools rush in when their agenda is clearly set:
26/11 was an RSS conspiracy said some morons backed by the Congress chief-moron Digvijaya Singh. By RSS they do mean Hindus. Don’t forget, their 67-year fake chant has been “RSS killed Gandhiji” and that also means the Hindus killed Gandhi. This is not a new war. It has been going on for long, before and after Independence. Those who wage this war against Hindus will now acquire new weapons, political and media-wise, to prosecute this war. The motivation is higher because there is now a perceived Hindu party (BJP) which is acquiring significant dominance in politics and the fate of the country.
If one looks closely there won’t be much difference between the policies and practices of the BJP or any other political party. Our Constitution does not permit dramatic differences. The only major difference is that Narendra Modi is not corrupt and may stay uncorruptible. So, all this nonsense of Left-wing and Right-wing politics is mostly peddled by the “intellectuals”. The real battle has always been Chrislamists vs Hindus. And now that a supposed Hindu party is in charge the war on Hindus will escalate. In this series we shall see how.
Source: WHN Media Network