This ‘journalist’ wants Brahmins to be targeted by Kashmiri terrorists and not be saved by state

This perversion was displayed with full shamelessness today when a ‘journalist’ named Hartosh Singh Bal, who is often seen on TV news channels as a ‘neutral commentator’, almost wished that Brahmins die at the hands of Islamic terrorists in Kashmir.

This is what he tweeted:

Suggestion on 35 A. Let’s remove it but ensure twitter brahmin hawks are first to go settle. & let’s not waste state security on them


For the uninitiated, Article 35-A of the Indian constitution empowers the state government of Jammu & Kashmir to define permanent residents of the state and the rights and privileges they can enjoy. It makes sure that no one from the rest of India, no matter how pacifist and Kashmir loving one might be, can buy an inch of land in Kashmir. The article doesn’t make any special provisions for Brahmins or any other caste by the way, not even for Kashmiri Pandits.

Essentially, it is a discriminatory article that is used to further the communal agenda that is often dressed up as “Kashmiriyat“. Recently, people have demanded that this article should go and Indians should be allowed to buy land in Kashmir and settle there.

However, for Bal, this is blasphemy. How can a non-Kashmiri, especially a Brahmin, settle on the pure Islamic land and defile it? So he virtually challenged the Brahmins to settle in Kashmir without state protection.

Anyone can understand what he was hinting at, and almost wishing for. Though such hatred for Hindus in general and Brahmins in particular is seen as ‘normal’ in the secular-liberal crowd, people on Twitter bashed Bal for his bile:

Indirectly he want to say that let brahmin come and let our terrorists brothers kill them. Wow such is the hate 


This is where Commies, Jihadis, NeoNazis, Liberals and Terrorists’ idealogy converge

They vilify one sect & exhort brethren to lynch them 


Fool thinks Hindutva has only Brahmin supporters. Vast majority are non-Brahmins who will have this na-ball for breakfast. 

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Brahmin’. Since they can’t abuse Hindus and Hinduism openly, they use words like Brahmin, Hindutva, Sanghi etc


As expected, not a single person identifying himself or herself as ‘secular-liberal’ condemned Bal for his hatred, most probably because this hate is what makes a person ‘secular’ and ‘liberal’ in India.