Thousands of devotees gather at Jantar-Mantar to oppose accusations against H. H. Asaram Bapu

4000 devotees were present at the program

4000 devotees were present at the program

New Delhi : ‘Bharat Vishwa-Guru Chetana Sabha’ and ‘Saints Convention’ was held at Jantar- Mantar in New Delhi, which was attended by 4000 devotees from all over the country. These devotees opposed to accusations made against H. H. Asaram Bapu. An appeal was also made on this occasion to burn ‘Lanka’ of destroyers of ‘Hindutva’. Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale, national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Pujya Swami Chakrapani, the President of ‘Sant Mahasabha’, Mahamandaleshwar Paramatmananda Swami of ‘Udaasin Aakhaadaa’, Narayangiri Swami of old ‘Aakhaadaa’, Pujya Saint Basu bhai from Karnavati, Tarunaa Behan, disciple of H. H. Asaram Bapu, Shri. Vijay Bhardwaj from VHP, Shri. Avadhesh and Shri. Akhilesh Tiwari, senior journalists, advocate Suman Singh, Shri. Suresh Munjal of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and many other Saints, Mahants and eminent personalities attended the meeting.

Pujya (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale addressing to the devotees

Pujya (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale addressing to the devotees

In discussions held on TV channels, we are asked that why Pujya Narayan Sai is not surrendering to police, then we have no answer. Pujya Narayan Sai should, therefore, surrender to police, appealed Pujya Swami Chakrapani. He said further, “Owing to the movement of use of indigenous products, multinational companies have hatched this plot and put H.H. Bapu in jail. It should be remembered that history cannot be changed without struggle.”

‘Face this period of crisis like Arjuna ! – Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale

Pujya Dr. Pingale said, “Presence of large number of people here; that too during period of crisis, is an indication of failure of conspiracy hatched against H. H. Bapu. Accusations made against even wife and daughter of H. H. Asaram Bapu is very painful. Teach a lesson to media for spreading false information against H. H. Bapu by boycotting them, write letters to their owners to register protest, write to companies showing advertisements during such programs and their sponsors warning them to boycott their products.” Pujya Dr. Pingale said further, “We have ideal of Hanuman, great devotee of Bhagavan Sriram before us. We will have to keep immense faith in our Guru and fight such period of crisis like Arjuna.”

Pujya Narayan Sai may be killed in an encounter ! – fears Shri. Avadhesh

Shri. Avadhesh said, “Detaining H. H. Bapu in jail is a challenge which demands crossing of limits of time, society and law. Strategy of battle has to be planned to fight this calamity. Many accusations are being made against him. He can be even killed in an encounter; therefore, similar agitations like the one held here today, should be staged by thousands of devotees in different cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Gandhinagar etc. outside local police stations and representations should be submitted to Government officers.”

‘Hold ‘bhaalaa (spear)’ and not ‘maalaa (garland)’ in hand ! – Sadhvi Tarunaa Behan

Sadhvi Tarunaa Behan said, “This is the time to hold ‘bhaalaa (spear)’ and not ‘maalaa (garland)’ in hands. This spear does not kill anyone but reminds of struggle.”

Shri. Akhilesh Tiwari made an appeal that ‘Lanka’ of destroyers of ‘Hindutva’ has to be burnt. Suman Singh appealed to oppose such conspiracy.


A ten year-old boy named Narayan also addressed the ‘sabha’. He said, “In ‘Treta-Yuga’, Ravana was against Bhagavan Sriram; in ‘Dwapar-Yuga’, there was Kansa against Bhagavan Srikrushna; similarly, there are media against H. H. Bapu in Kali-Yuga’.”

Nation-wide demonstrations on 30th November and 1st December

1276 committees run by ashrams of H. H. Asaram Bapu will hold demonstrations and hunger strike on 30th November and 1st December all over India, was announced today and representations will be given to all Government officers.

Clarification regarding ‘Ojaswi’ party

Recently, announcement was made of setting up of ‘Ojaswi’ party. It was said that the party is set up by H. H. Asaram Bapu; but on behalf of the ashram, it was publicly clarified during the meeting that the party has no connection with H. H. Asaram Bapu.

Source: FHA