Trinidad Hindu leader Sat Maharaj dies at 88

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Port-of-Spain. —Trinidad and Tobago leader of the Hindu community, Satnarayan Maharaj died on Friday night at  a private hospital after suffering a bout of stroke just a week ago.Sat as he is commonly called was Secretary General of the Santana Dharma Maha Sabha for almost 50 years following the demise of his late father-in-law,the iconic Bhadase Sagan Maharaj. Sat was 88 .years, and despite his age he fought valiantly against anyone or governmental agency that were aimed at ridiculing the Hindu community which approximates about 25 per cent of the population of 1.3 million people.

Through his leadersship,Sat was able to build a radio and tv station, called Radio Jagiriti, which programmed Hindu religious texts, music, songs and dances. He pioneered the Indian cultural show on television called Bal Vikas and this show captured the national and international imagination for its serious religious and spiritual output among the children of  the Maha Sabha schools. 

Sat built or controlled obverse 300 temples and  over 50 primary and secondary schools, the latter schools for the past four years have captured the  President Gold Medal.He fought several state agencies for the rights of the Hindu community, and at certain point she took the issues before the British Privy Council and won every matter.

Viewers will miss his twice weekly radio and tv call in programmer, the Maha Sabha Srikes Back With the Mookdar.Only last month, he appointed Pundit Dr Rampersad  Parasram as the head of the SDMS.  His son,  Vijay Maharaj will steer this 70 year old organization until September 2020.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and now Professor of Pratice, University of  the West Indies, Winston Dookeran, hailed Sat as a human rights fighter and that he has left an indelible mark on the national psyche of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, but for Hindus worldwide.Sat was hated and love by all sections quod the national citizenry,and was also respected for thoughts on national issues, especially when it comes to the Hindu community and the Indian diaspora.

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