Trinidad’s leading Hindu organization has earned that beef is a no-no for Hindus

Port-of-Spain: Attorney-at-law and Member of Parliament, Pundit Dinesh Rambally has underlined the point that beef is a no-no in Hinduism. He was speaking at the purification and atonement rituals at the Carapo Hindu Mandir, in Arima, east Trinidad on Friday.
Earlier the week, the Carapo Hindu Mandir was burglarized with a group of men, who stole jewellery from the murtis, cooking utensils, gas stoves among several other items. But the worst of all, was the cooking of corned beef in a special pot that is used to make parsad for its religious services.
Pundit Rambally, who spoke at the ritual, called for unity of religious organizations and citizens regardless of position, creed, religion or race to unite and free the nation of the evil forces plaguing the nation.
Pundit Rambally pointed out the perpetrator(s) of this crime is bright enough to know that beef is prohibited item in the Hindu way of life because the cow is sacred to Hinduism. “To cook beef in the temple is a very calculated attack on Hindus, nonetheless, we have one the necessary prayers to ask for forgiveness from the Divine and for atonement so that the effects of such wanton desecration can be mitigated.
Pundit Rambally noted that on the national level, the desecration of the mandir and the murtis illustrate the growing evil on Trinidad and Tobago.
He continued the desecration  has not set it back, and if anything the Carapo Hindu Mandir now serves as a beacon of faith and religious persistence. It has shown us how to abide by dharmic duties in the face of adversity. It has shown us the depths of Hindu concepts and traditions so that incoming generations will have a precedent to follow.
Pundit Rishi Maharaj, who officiated pointed out that, “the ceremony was to beg for forgiveness from the Supreme Being over the disrespect, dishonour and vandalism of this religious institution”
Dr Rampersad Parasram, Dharmacharya, also spoke.
Meanwhile, the Hindu Women’s Organization of Trinidad and Tobago, in a public statement in the media, said that cooking and consuming meat in a mandir affect the spiritual vibrations. “Mandirs are a place of worship and when established certain prayers and rituals are conducted to ensure the vibration meet the requirements of the scriptures. The vibrations of meat are contrary to the vibrations created in Mandir”.
The statement continues: “While the presence of meat in the mandir is offensive alone, the fact the beef was used adds another layer of insult and disrespect. It is well-known that in T&T that cows are sacred to Hindus. For us Hindus, the cow is likened to a mother who produces milk which sustains the baby when the  human mother cannot. While this is our view, we do not force anyone to agree with our views, we do not try to change anyone’s diet.
It added: “If these zealots are not brought to justice for their crimes, then as a nation we are entering a downward spiral of no return. It is for this reason that the police and judiciary must spare no effort in bringing these misfits to swift with an attitude of deterrence”.
Over the few years, similar activities have taken in Hindu places of worship, but no one was brought to justice. And in this case, the police have been silent.

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