Truth and Christianity: A comparison


Truth and Christianity: A comparison.


Truth: Virtuous people go to heaven and evil people go to hell; regardless of race, gender, nationality, or religion.

Christianity: All the Christians automatically go to heaven, no matter how evil. All non-Christians automatically go to hell, no matter how virtuous.


Truth: Good heart within and good deeds outside earns heaven. Personal backgrounds and beliefs are irrelevant.

Christianity: Only way to heaven is to believe ‘Jesus is Christ.’ Good heart and good deeds are irrelevant.


Truth: The easiest way to God is unconditional love and devotion. Doctrines are irrelevant.

Christianity: The only way to God is by blindly believing all the Christian doctrines.


Truth: Love all. Humanity is one big family.

Christianity: Hate all. Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Buddhists, Mormons, atheists etc. are all heathens and wrong.


Truth: Truth ultimately always wins.

Christianity: Ignorant propaganda wins.


Truth: There are many spiritual paths. Therefore we should try conversation, not conversion.

Christianity: Only Christianity is true, all other religions are evil. Therefore, do not seek understanding or conversation. Must convert heathens to Christianity.


Truth: God is one and manifests in different forms to address the variety of human needs.

Christianity: God is a creature with three heads and one behind. Therefore, God is one and three same time.


Truth: Sins are not transferable. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, every individual has to face the consequences of own actions: good for good, & bad for bad. On the other hand, a person is not punished or rewarded for the deeds of other’s. Personal beliefs are irrelevant.

Christianity: Sins are transferable. Because Adam committed sin by eating the apple of knowledge, all the humanity is condemned to death and women have labor pain. All the Jews are collectively guilty of Jesus’ death. Jesus pays for other’s sins. But the payment is contingent upon you converting to Christianity.


Truth: Inquiry of truth or seeking knowledge is one of the ways to God.

Christianity: Eating apple of knowledge is sinful. Critical examination of religious doctrines is condemned.


Truth: We should avoid dogmatic, intolerant and harmful attitude.

Christianity: Attack Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Paganism, Humanism, Atheism, and any other.


Truth: Goodness begets goodness, though it may not be obvious.

Christianity: Dark Age, inquisition, holocaust, and genocide.


Truth: Humanity is a part of the nature. Therefore all the living and non-living beings are interconnected.

Christianity: Humanity is the lord of nature. Therefore exploitation of nature is our divine right.


Truth: All children are God’s creation: pure, sinless and divine.

Christianity: All babies are born in sin. However, Christian babies are pre-destined to go to heaven, others to hell.


Truth: Lord dwells in the hearts of all being. Each and every soul is always free, pure and divine.

Christianity: Only Christians are saved, all other souls are condemned to eternal hell.


In conclusion:

Truth: Real spiritual ways lead humanity to Truth, Divinity, Goodness, Conscience, Bliss, Non–violence, and Peace.

Christianity: It leads to? Make your own judgment.


O Lord, please enlighten these enemies of Galileo.


Converts need to know:

Christianity is offering you a handful of rice and in return asking you to give up your ancestral heritage. It is telling you that your non-Christian mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends and all your ancestors have or will go to hell. Your heritage is evil and you must discard them.

It is offering the ‘Lie’ that you can do any sin and yet you do not have to pay for it. ‘Jesus has already suffered for you.’ Try this nonsensical argument in any court of justice.

It instills fear in you that Adam committed sin and thus you will die. A demonstrable nonsense. Then Jesus pretends to relieve you from the punishment. And some how, you are to discard your heritage and be a slave to the Church. This is a typical swindling technique to fool weak minded idiots. The truth remains, you are neither responsible for Adam’s sin, nor Jesus can suffer for your doing. We all do good and bad in our life, and have to face its consequences. Fruits of a person’s deed, good or bad, are not transferable. By the way, the story of Adam is a myth, not a real history.

What is Christ:

‘Christ’ is a term from Judaism or of Jews. Judaism is strictly a monotheistic religion, i.e. God is single and powerful entity, without any associate, family or friends. Jewish people also believe that when the Jews are subjugated by others, God will anoint and send a Messiah or a Christ to free them. Bible defines the Messiah:

a. A man, neither God nor son of God

b. A powerful King, a direct descendant of King David

c. Chosen by God to free and gather together Jewish people

d. Would resurrect Kingdom of Israel, the Jewish temple and the throne of King David

e. Usher in an era of world peace

In Jesus’ time Jews were under the control of Roman Empire. Jesus claimed to be the Christ and tried to fight the Roman occupation. Some Jews believed and fought for him. But Romans captured, mocked him as the King of Jews with crown of thorn, flogged and crucified him, a standard Roman punishment. Jewish people, who knew him well, thus came to conclusion that he really was not the Christ. Similarly, other past claimants like Bar Cochba and Shabbtai Tzvi have also been rejected. The claim that Jesus will fulfill the prophecies in the second coming has no basis in Bible.

Who was Jesus:

Jesus was a good hearted Jew. He is also known as ‘Yesu’, ‘Yusuf’, ‘Isa’ etc. in different languages and cultures. Jesus’ biological father is a Roman soldier named ‘Panthera.’ When Jesus was growing up people used to make joke about his parentage. It gave him a mild form of psychological disorder ‘paraphrenia’, which makes him very sensitive toward poor, exploited and down trodden.

When he was about 13 years old he followed the ancient Silk Road and went to India. He studied in many places including Nepal, Varanasi, and Leh Monastery in Kashmir. He became a well-known scholar trained mostly in Buddha Dharma, Shiva Dharma and other Hindu traditions. He was important enough to be mentioned in the ‘Rajatarangini’, a royal chronicle of Kashmir Kings. His way of addressing God as ‘Father’ is directly from the ‘Dwaita/ duel’ tradition and his phrase ‘Kingdom within’ is from ‘Adwaita/ non-duel’ tradition of the Hinduism.

When he was of late twenties he came back to Israel, a well-educated and charismatic Rabbi. He was also a Jewish nationalist, opposed Roman occupation, and claimed to be the Jewish Christ \ Messiah \ King. But he claimed neither establishing a new religion, nor to be a biological-son of God, nor paying for other’s sins. They are the wishful thinking added later. His main concern was to discipline Jews as a fighting force. He was not Gandhi and would not tolerate dissent. Luke 19:27 “ … which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.”

He led a small rebellion and Romans crucified him for it. He was on cross, only for a few hours and did not die. Later he escaped to India. He promised to return, but could not. His disciples, all of them practicing Jews, vainly waited for him. In India, he married, had children and died of old age. He was buried in Shrinagar, Kashmir. The temple built on his burial site exists even today. There are people who claim to be his descendant even today.

Jesus or his disciples have nothing to do with Christianity. Christianity, with all the absurd wishful doctrines, is the brainchild of Paul, who never met Jesus. And matter of fact, Jesus’ disciples including his brother James accused Paul of telling lies.

The core ‘Christian theme’ that Jesus came to pay for other’s sin is neither taught by Judaism, nor by Jesus. It is the doctrine of another religion ‘Mithraism’, where Lord Mithra pays for and forgives the sins of his believers. This copy and concoction of Paul is what you call Christianity today.            Socrates: Truth, unexamined, is not really truth. 

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