USA Hindus protest murder of Pakistani Hindu teen at U.N.


Aug 1st, 2016 – JFH along with the “Sindhi Academic & Cultural Society of North America” protested the latest targeted murder of a Hindu teen by Islamist mobs in Sindh province, Pakistan.


In late July, Dewan Sateesh Kumar, 17, was shot dead and his friend Avinas was critically injured when a Muslim mob attacked the youths in a tea stall in the Gothki district. The murder was followed by attacks on Hindu owned shops.


The anti-Hindu murder and accompanying violence was in response to a supposed desecration of a Quran.  Local Muslims accused a drug addict, Amar Lal, who had recently converted to Islam and was living in a Mosque, of burning pages of the Quran and leaving the book outdoors for others to observe.



Pakistan is by its own constitutional definition an Islamic state.  According to the 2nd article of the Pakistani constitution, Islam is the state religion, further provisions state that the President of Pakistan must be a Muslim, and so the theocratic bias in favor of Islam and Muslims in Pakistan is obvious.

For the past 60+ years, Hindus have been experiencing a slow genocide and forced migration within Pakistan, religious cleansing along with exodus of the Hindu population has reduced the Hindu population from 22% in 1947 (time of partition) to less than 2% today.

SEE: Hudson Institute: Cleansing Pakistan of Minorities


Every year, 100’s of young underage Hindu girls are kidnapped at gunpoint by Islamic gangs, forcibly converted to Islam, and married to Muslim men many times their age. These activities are sanctioned by the Islamic courts within Pakistan who refuse to return these kidnapping victims even when they are found and their underage status is verified.



Hindu youth who oppose Pakistan’s enforced state religion all to often go “missing” and are never seen again. Pakistan’s Islamic blasphemy laws make all religious minorities in Pakistan soft targets for the state’s wanton death penalty.

The United Nations and the United States must take notice of the ongoing human rights violations against non-Muslims living in Pakistan and reconsider their support and aid to the Islamic Republic.

Big thanks to Subhash Chander for organizing the event!