VHP & Bajrang Dal bats for fair trial of Dadri accused, provide legal help


MEERUT: The Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) have offered to arrange for a lawyer as well as kind of legal assistance for the main accused in the Dadri lynching case, Bajrang Dal spokesperson Balraj Dungar told TOI on Monday.

“The district administration in Dadri, like in Mainpuri, seems like it is under considerable pressure. We understand that there isn’t much they can do since the orders come from the top in Lucknow. The state government is failing to take care of basic law and order in UP. Which is why we are scared that they may use some innocent people from the Hindu community as scapegoats. We are not supporting any accused but we are simply saying they deserve a fair chance at a fair trial. The Bajrang Dal and the VHP simply want justice and that is why we are willing to provide any kind of legal aid to the accused without any judgment. Our justice system says that people are innocent until proved guilty. We will even arrange a lawyer for them if that is what they require,” Dungar said.

Adding that UP could see “another 1857”, he said, “Why did the revolt of 1857 take place? People rose up because the British Raj did not respect religious and cultural sensibilities. If the UP government lets cow-slaughter go on, the people will rise again. We are planning a protest too. We will write to the President to declare the cow as the national animal of India. Mosques and churches are cultural symbols of only particular communities but the cow is a symbol of national culture. Even Muslim clerics have called for a ban on cow-slaughter.”

Source: The Times of India