VHP exposes Republic Tv. for its fake sting on Bajrang Dal

Dear Annie Joseph ji,

Secretary General,
News Broadcasting Standards Authority
C/o News Broadcasters Association
C-56/5, 2nd Floor, Sector 62,
Noida – 201 301 [Ph.0120-4129712]

Thanks you very much for your prompt response to our request and marking the mail copy to the ministry.
Hope the IB ministry will also response to it in the right direction.


Dr. Surendra Kumar Jain

(Int’l Joint Gen. Secretary)

Vishwa Hindu Parishad

On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 4:30 PM, News Broadcasting Standards Authority <authority@nbanewdelhi.com> wrote:

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that Republic TV is not a member of NBA . Hence we cannot take action on your complaint. You may write to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The details of the officials are given herein below & they are also marked in the mail.


Joint Secretary (Broadcasting)

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

Government of India

Room No. 659, ‘A’ Wing, Shastri Bhawan

New Delhi – 110 001

Email :<jsb.inb@sb.nic.in>



Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001

Email: <dirbc-moib@nic.in>


We trust we have clarified the matter.

The complaint stand closed at our end.




Annie Joseph

For and on behalf of NBSA

News Broadcasting Standards Authority
C/o News Broadcasters Association C-56/5, 2nd Floor, Sector 62,
Noida – 201 301 [Ph.0120-4129712]



On 8 June 2017 at 16:06, Vinod Bansal – VHP <vinodbansal01@gmail.com> wrote:


June 08, 2017.


Mr Arnab Goswami

Republic TV


Sub: Contents shown on Republic TV  with the intention to malign Bajrang Dal’s image.

Dear Arnab,

This has reference to the fake sting operation telecasted on your news channel ‘Republic Tv’ under the caption of ‘Hindu Fringe Exposed’ on 5th June 2017 with prime time debate No. 2 at 10.10 PM (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-8rMhrNk-c) and its repeat telecasts thereafter, with a sole intent to defame, malign and tarnish the image of our youth wing ‘Bajrang Dal’. Your channel Republic Tv, under the garb of ‘sting’ has attempted to portray our dedicated self-less nationalist cadres in bad light. An individual’s quote / bite has been depicted as the bite of Bajrang Dal leader, is absolutely wrong, baseless and uncalled for since, he is not the leader of Bajrang Dal. The incidents telecasted in the name of sting dates back to many years, having no connection whatsoever with Bajrang Dal and a part of telecast shown as sting was actually an interview (not sting). Fights and acts of violence telecasted on the channel have nothing to do with the Bajrang Dal and its cadres.

The language used by yourself, your reporters & some panelists in the aforesaid telecast against ‘Bajrang Dal’ is highly objectionable, condemnable, derogatory & humiliating in nature and it clearly exposes you as yet another ‘subversive force’ working on an agenda against the Nationalistic people/organizations of this country. You have willfully accused Hindu organizations of distorting facts to suit your agenda and have always ridiculed the Hindutva movement/organizations, desperately trying to impose your degenerated notions upon the viewers, claiming yourself to be self-appointed champion of progressivism, modernity, equality and liberty. You have time and again condemned all those cadres/groups/organizations as ‘regressive’ who work for preserving Hindu Culture, something which is actually highly unethical, immoral on your part and dangerous for the democracy and the credibility of journalism. We also noticed that your reporter also tried to portray Bajrang Dal using the term ‘immoral police’, etc. and showing violent images which didn’t involve ‘Bajrang Dal’ cadres. The propaganda that you intend to promote through your channel shall not be allowed at the cost of the reputation of our cadres like Bajrang Dal, who have earned it through lot of sacrifice. We know what motivates you and your promoters, who by such irresponsible reporting (yellow journalism) are bringing the fourth estate into disrepute and let us remind you that Bajrang Dal or any of its Cadre is not working for earning fame or monetary gains like you and your channel.

Our youths are determined, committed & law abiding people with specific intent of protecting the culture, traditions & Dharma and committed towards SEVA / SURAKSHA & SANSKAR for our motherland Bharat, something we doubt that people motivated by TRPs with shallow knowledge of its glorious cultural legacy would understand.

It has been noticed in the past also that you have attempted to ridicule, malign the Hindu organizations, their movement and acts of valor without any justifiable cause and it appears that you take pride in using derogatory remarks against Nationalistic people/organizations, as a measure of securing your ‘secular’ credentials. You and your channel’s conduct of airing such false, defamatory, malicious content on your channel against Bajrang Dal and its cadres is unethical, unwarranted & clearly misuse of the right to expression which has crossed all limits of professional journalism. We also seek an unconditional apology from you and your channel ‘Republic Tv’ at the earliest failing which we reserve our right to take appropriate legal action against you and your channel as per law.

Thanking you


Dr. Surendra Kumar Jain

(Int’l Joint Gen Secretary)

Vishwa Hindu Parishad


Source: World Hindu News (WHN)