VHP knocks at the door of the National Commission for Minorities against the rising aggression in a section of the Muslim society



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Ref.#VHP/12/2014                                                                   Dated: August 13Wed, 2014

VHP knocks at the door of the National Commission for Minorities

against the rising aggression in a section of the Muslim society


New Delhi, August 13, 2014 – After meeting the Saharanpur riot victim Sikh and Hindu community, a delegation of Vishva Hindu Parishad led by Dr Surendra Jain met Shri Naseem Ahmad, Hon’ble Chairperson of the National Commission for Minorities. Describing the pathetic condition of the riot victims of Saharanpur before the Commission, they said, in spite of the clear verdict of the Court of Law, the sort of attacks and conflagrations that took place, it is a clear indication of the fact that a section of the Muslim community wants to force everybody to live on its terms and conditions on the lines of the Wahabist and Salafist worldviews. The roles of the administration and the government have been totally partisan. In order to be seen ahead in the race for appeasement, not only the rioters got a free hand but also false cases framing innocent Sikh and Hindu leaders were lodged. Even now in the matters of assessing the losses to life and property and determining the compensation, discriminatory ways are obvious which will build up new discontent and mistrust. The barbaric and brutal attacks on the Sikh community have proven that the concept of minority brotherhood is a mere illusion. It appears that a section of the Muslim community is not ready to accept the existence of any non-Islamic community and society.    


The VHP delegation pointed out that in this section a strange kind of violent separatist exclusivist mindset is seen. The consequences of this mindset are visible in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, some Gulf countries, Bangladesh and several other countries. The events and incidents that took place in India in recent times also indicate this mentality. The way the Kausar Nag Yatra in Kashmir was stopped, that makes it clear that let alone the talk of re-settlement of the indigenous Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir, the separatists won’t even allow them to undertake their religio-cultural activities. The loot of the community kitchens for pilgrims at Baltal, the desecration of the icons of Hindu divinities and the anti-national slogans raised by the aggressors – all these indicate their discordant and disruptive mindset. After the Myanmar conflicts, the violent demonstrations in Mumbai attacked even the national monuments. It is now common to find such anti-national slogans after every violent demonstration or riot. The movement to get recruited to the ISIS and moving around sporting their T-Shirts, are indicative of this trend. The sordid conspiracy of “Love Jihad” is now spreading fast. The Hon’ble Kerala High Court has also expressed concern over it. This form of Jihad was primarily at the root and trigger of some riots in Bharat. Unfortunately, the pseudo-secularists have been promoting this mindset due to their vested interests. The Minorities Commission can have an important role in fixing this problem, said Dr Jain. Minoritism is very much the factor that has been creating such problems in Bharat. Justice Lahoti of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in a 2005 case has defined the obligations of the Chairperson of the Minorities Commission in this conext. Hon’ble Justice Lahoti had clearly stated that minoritism was not in national interest in Bharat which was why it should be finished and the Minorities Commission could play a critical role in this matter. VHP made it clear that in Bharat all are the sons and daughters of Mother India. DNAwise also it is a fact. We all belong to the Indic stock. This standpoint can create goodwill and harmony in the society. This sense of fraternity and the approach of all for one and one for all is the guarantee to safeguard everybody’s interests. Minoritism has only created malevolence even in the hearts and minds of minorities.             


The VHP appealed to the Minorities Commission to accept this responsibility in national interest and free the country from the curse of minoritism. This step will establish lasting peace in India.


Besides Dr. Surendra Jain, VHP Central Secretary and Spokesperson, the delegation also included Sri Khemchand Sharma, VHP Central Secretary and Sri Prashant Hartalkar, VHP Central Secretary (Int’L Coordination). Sri Hartalkarji made poignant descriptions of the atrocities being committed on Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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