VHP to teach its youth wing cashless transactions

vhpNEW DELHI, Nov 28:
The VHP today said it will teach its youth-wing Bajrang Dal’s cadre to conduct cashless transactions, who will further train other people, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted the youth to end rampant black money and corruption by making India a cashless society.
Welcoming the Centre’s demonetisation decision, VHP’s International Joint secretary general Surendra Jain said the move has not only helped curb naxalism and terror-funding, but has also brought down the instances of stone-pelting in Kashmir Valley.
Terming the demonitisation move a “milestone” decision, Jain said curbing black money was not only the government’s job, but also the responsibility of the people.
“The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal has decided to take necessary steps to train its cadre on this issue. After getting trained, the Bajrang Dal volunteers will also arrange training for common people.
“It is also visible that the problems faced by the public due to sudden demonetisation are also being sorted out by the Government quickly. The cashless transactions will definitely prove to be an important tool to ease the people’s burden and fight against black money,” Jain added.
Bajrang Dal’s national Co-Convener Manoj Verma said the organisation will make this movement a great success by training the youths nationwide about the cashless transactions.
Speaking in his monthly radio broadcast “Mann Ki Baat” on Sunday, Modi has said: “Take pledge to be a part of a cashless society from today. Not only this, you will also have to take time to educate at least 10 families everyday. Educate them on how to download apps, how to spend money using mobile phones, how to make payments. How to do business.”
He exhorted the youth to lead the movement against black money and corruption by moving towards cashless transactions.
“All youth of India can do it very quickly and within a month the world can see a modern India. Be a soldier of change and bring it on. We will fight the black money and corruption. We know it is you who can bring the change and revolution.” (PTI)

Source: dailyexcelsior