Welcome to Hindu’s Shri Navagraha Devasthanam of North America Inc

index_02The Shri Navagraha Devasthanam of North America Inc, is a 501 (c) 3 organization registered in the State of New York,  has been formed with a vision to create Temples fostering the Vedic Culture and Heritage of Spiritual Philosophy in North America, This Project will have 9 branch Temples that will be established in Major cities of United States of America. The Temple will have their roots that emerge from the power of the teachings of Hinduism, the most ancient way of life. This project seeks to create a Temple, a unique community space that can house, inspire, disseminate, and support coming generations and elevate the understanding of spirituality.

The first of the 9 temples of Navagraha Devasthanam is dedicated to Lord Saneeswara, which has been consecrated in the City of New York. This is the ‘first’ Saneeswara Temple in the world outside INDIA.

Source: navagrahausa.com