Why BJP – Shiv Sena conflict is nothing but a suicidal step for the Hindu politics of India?

Hindu Politics in IndiaUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Nov 11, 2015:: The joy of Diwali and the sweetness of the festival sweets have been lessened with the news, “No Sena win, but Saamna delights in beating BJP in 35 seats” as published in TOI in Bihar result perspective.

As a concerned one, when I wanted to go through a real introspection upon Hindu views over the drastic defeat of BJP and its alliance in Bihar Assembly Election, the whole analysis got a bizarre threat perception of splitting the two  stakeholders in NDA.

The BJP and Shiv Sena combine in NDA is now posed a very artificial coexistence in NDA and that is most harmful for the future BJP and Shiv Sena  both.

I thought the National Spokesperson and Saamna Editor, Sanjay Raut is a very matured and experienced Hindutvawadi and he is more concerned about this Nation than party politics in Bal Thackeray’s line. But, I am totally disappointed with this man with his greedy tendencies and body language over BJP’s defeat in Bihar. I am totally unable to capture his views how BJP’s defeat in Bihar can be a good sign for Bharat or Shiv Sena?

In an editorial, the Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna, referring to the big-ticket BJP campaign in Bihar, said money and might of the state could not help the BJP win even 60 seats.

It said: “Humility is not only a politician’s ornament, it is also his armour. This is the Bihar assembly election message.”

It said the Bihar defeat would bring major changes in national politics and there would be changes within the BJP as well.

Although the Shiv Sena — it fielded over 100 candidates against the BJP — failed to bag a single seat, the party was ahead of BJP candidates in as many as 35 assembly constituencies, said the party mouthpiece Saamna!

Praising Nitish Kumar of the JD(U), the Saamana said the RJD-JD(U) Mahagathabandhan swept the poll because of Kumar’s clean image and his administrative acumen.

But, Raut has forgotten a situation where 58% of new MLAs have ‘criminal background and neither Nithish Kumar nor Lalu Yadav is Hindutvawadi any way in any slightest form of imagination. Track records show that both of them belong to anti-Hindutva and pro-Islamic camps.

With this analysis, one can understand that the motive of this narrative is to hit Shiv Sena to defend BJP all the ways. But, not at all.

I spoke about Shiv Sena in first instance for my immediate disillusionment about Shiv Sena when I find Shiv Sena and BJP are other sides of the same coin of narrow ‘Party Politics’ which has been devalued in the context of greater ‘National Politics’ and none of them are thinking the future of Indian politics in the light of Hindutva at all. Both of them are twisting arms for their prime vested interest where the National and Hindu interest are left behind as secondary.

When the opposition of Hindutva Brigade tries to level ‘intolerance’ upon them in otherways, I see a severe intolerance between the BJP-Sena combine.

If Shiv Sena tries to resist Ghulam Ali’s programme, Nitin Gadkari appears instantly as the topmost admirer of Ali’s Ghazal. If Shiv Sena wants to stop Pak Cricket match, Anurag Thakur comes out for batting in favour of Pakistan. If BJP bans meat selling in the Jain occasion of Paryushan, Shiv Sena corporators start Chicken selling in streets. Every body is seeing how BJP and Shiv Sena are engaged in humiliating and hurting each other.

This disunity of BJP and Shiv Sena is badly signaling towards the Hindu future of this country and obviously giving oxygen to the Congress, Secular, Islamic, Communist, Evangelist and all other subversive forces in India for whom this ‘Secular’ India is meant for all excluding the Hindu masses.

Here, denominations for all  Congress, Secular, Islamic, Communist, Evangelist, Maoists are well accepted. But, Hindus must remain here as only ‘Secular’ and not as ‘Hindu’. So,killing of Akhlaq in Dadri has a great importance here, but no importance can be given for killing of Prashanth Poojari of Mudbidri. The Akademi and other intellectual morons find scopes to highlight their heights in the name of spreading tolerance by returning awards, so they never felt intolerant in Sikh Genocide by Congress or the Hindu Genocide in Kashmir by the Islamist. These people of ‘tolerant school’ have never uttered a single word against continuing maoist killing upon common people and police in India, as many of them has close connection with the Maoist lobby.

In such a national and international conspiracy against India and its majority Hindu people, when a consolidation of Hindu unity is barely needed in every sphere including Hindu polity, ‘hitting each other’ policy of BJP and Shiv Sena is ‘completely suicidal’ for their party politics as well as the Hindu identity of India.

I don’t know the implication of this discussion, but as a watchdog of Hindu Society, I must warn both of BJP and Shiv Sena to be refrained from suicidal attacking each other and entering into new experiments.

The present commanders in BJP can learn many things from their tremendous defeat in both Bihar and also from Delhi. The radical experiments of BJP with their new friends could not be able the party to get any success whether it is in Delhi or Bihar. BJP has no right to disappoint lakhs of Hindutva supporters within the party by giving importance to Kiran Bedi or Jitan Manjhi by humiliating the tested BJP leaders of the respective states.

BJP must stop harakiri by defecting from its traditional political path through adopting the unmatched Gandhian policy in its ideology by disappointing its majority supporters from the baseline of Hedgewar, Golwalkar, Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, V D Savarkar and Deendayal Upadhyaya doctrines.

The theme of luring the Gandhian people from the Congress baseline or adopting the same policies of others for grabbing Muslim Vote Bank is nothing but a Himalayan blunder in  BJP politics.

The incarnation of a new Gandhiwadi in BJP is a very unpalatable experience among the common supporters in BJP. But, his autocracy, outrage for the veterans or the coterie around him give no space of speech for others.

Modi must get rid of that curse of India…. the paramount cause of the ill fate of Hindus and the division of our Motherland.  He must stop highlighting Gandhi’s bust from his show to bring his good luck back. The day he put that unlucky icon in his mind, since he earned his failures. He must wear the specs of Savarkar and Deendayal instead of  looking through a spec of Gandhi. In BJP, Gandhi cannot be projected  bigger than Shyama Prasad Mookerjee!

Another thing PM Modi must realize that there was nothing like Modi wave as sounded high by a sycophant group all along. The unbearable intolerance of public against nasty dynasty of Congress, magnum corruption and the radical repression upon majority rights through fathomless minority appeasement produced a Hindu wave which made the coronation of Modi in New Delhi. Majority Hindus wanted a Hindu freedom through a political change in center by ousting an anti Hindu UPA and Congress regimen. But, when that Hindu wave was misinterpreted as Modi wave and when the Hindu agenda of BJP is challenged itself by its ‘only development’ agenda, the majority supporters of BJP are grossly disappointed. Both Delhi and Bihar are set good example of this.

Those crisis managers of BJP  are pointing out 25% highest vote share of the party in Bihar, must not forget the election scenario of Bihar and BJP’s Hindu campaign in last phases and its positive gain in the same last phases of election.

The tit bits of the consecutive failure of BJP in Delhi and Bihar under the three musketeers (not the three idiots!) Modi-Shah-Jaitley is sufficient enough to take the corrective measures for the regeneration of BJP in India. Veterans of BJP also tell the same and advice the traditional BJP politics for a recovery of the odd situations.

In this critical juncture, while all anti Hindu forces (including the ISI and the fifth column) try to destabilize the country by culminating ‘intolerance issue’, ‘beef fest’, ‘pakistani propaganda’, ‘award wapsi’, ‘hoarding of pulses’, ‘depicting India as a place of unrest’ and so on, only to defeat the Nationalist Forces, by hook or crooks, Hindus of all faith and politics must be united here to protect this land from being another Pakistan.

In this context, the leaders of BJP and Shiv Sena must be careful for the natural alliance of both as they are fighting for a powerful and prosperous Hindusthan, not fighting each other for paving another Pakistan. Who can ignore an international conspiracy to break BJP-Shiv Sena alliance to weaken the Hindu polity in India?

The Sena-BJP Conflict is nothing but a suicidal step. BJP and Shiv Sena alliance is  quite natural  in Hindu Politics in India. It should not be broken anyway.

In this Diwali all the BJP supporters and Shiv Sainik also must take a resolution to stay united in such a way for which the top levels in the both party compel to take action in right direction.

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