Why I Admire Hindu Mahasabha Of America – The American ‘Hindu Lone Star’


In the late 2011, during one of the visits to a Hindu community reception in Houston, I was refereed to Dr. N. T Rao – An eminent mathematician and writer of many blogs on Hindu Dharma. When I met him, he connected to me to Dilip Mehta – a man whose transformed the way I think and act for Hindu empowerment activities. Dilip Mehta is the founder of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America Bal Vihars in Texas area and is the ‘Narain Kataria’ ( a valiant Hindu leader of Tri State America, who passed away in 2015, leaving worldwide Hindutva forces in shock) of Texas. ‘Narain Kataria’ – The Hindu Lion, was sued in US courts by associates aligned to Congress party and even blacklisted on Indian immigration, but no amount of threats deterred him for his fight for Hindu human rights. Dilip Mehta is one such living legend who fought Anti-Hindu forces in America and India. One should never miss the opportunity to meet Dilip Mehta when in Houston.

                       Dilip Mehta, the then president of Hindu Mahasabha Of America, invited me to the monthly meetings of Hindu Mahasabha Of America AKA. Hindu Congress Of America (a US based Hindu organization with comprising wide range of intellectuals) and I was a changed man afterward. Coming from a RSS background, this non RSS aligned organization fills the gap of Hindu activism in this southern powerful state of America, with a population of more than 150K Hindus in Houston, Dallas and Austin. The bravery and courage I saw in it’s board members like Dr. Rudranath Talukdar, Dilip Mehta, Pradip Parekh, Rajiv Varma in controlling Anti Hindu activities in America and worldwide is truly exemplary.

The tools and skills one learn at the Hindu Mahasabha of America laboratory is well defined within the framework of American law, yet very impactful. There is no vacancy of bullshit stuff talks at HMSA meetings, for example if there is a plan to host Hindu Sports Day, everyone gets a defined role and purpose of the activity is well transmitted and objective is achieved. There is no Grey area in HMSA, it’s white or black. In HMSA, one has to work hard and do hands on work, for example, I reconcile visiting many restaurants and community places of worship to circulate event flyers in hot summers. No matter how senior you are in HMSA, if you are physically fit – then get deployed on ground. One can also opt for intellectual work like writing editorial, articles, press releases etc. Thus there is scope for all sort of Hindu work depending upon interest and voluntary time bandwidth.

The coherent ideology I developed at the Hindu Mahasabha of America cleared all my doubts and transformed me from atypical passive Hindu activist to program directors of multiple global programs which my GHEP (Global Hindu Empowerment Program) office today. Leadership of Hindu Mahasabha of America knows and understand the opposing forces and has vast know how in dealing with them in the way they understand. For example when Baba Ramdev got arrested in UK, HMSA was prompt in publishing press release and send that to UK PM and federal authorities. HMSA has hosted multiple times Dr. Subramanium Swamy, now a senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member. No doubt an alternate force of Hindu empowerment in America.

The skills and tools learnt at the HMSA lab helped me empower RSS programs in America too as a Swayamsevak. Many in America see HMSA as a non RSS affiliated organization in America and don’t get associated as it may question their ideological affiliation. Fortunately for me, my national VHP-A leadership was very understanding and cooperative and enabled my parallel development at HMSA as they trusted my work and vision. One can say that HMSA is provides an opportunity for an ‘Executive Hindu MBA’ for a graduate level Hindu activist. Currently under the stewardship of vetern Dr. Rudranath Talukdar as president and Gajanan Gaikwad – a young and dynamic Devout Hindu as HMSA Gen. Secretary and taking it to new heights.

From petitions, press release, editorial work, organizing events of any range, coordination with Hindu organization in India and elsewhere to nurturing and promoting alternate Hindu leadership from India – HMSA is the support a devout Hindu can count on in any situation. For example, consider the case study of Tapan Ghosh – a devout Hindu leader from the Indian state of West Bengal fighting for Hindu rights, HMSA invited him on many occasions in America, he was widely interviewed by US media and his mission attained international attention and support, today he has many volunteers from US who helps in further his Hindu human rights work in West Bengal. Teacher Sashikala from Kerala, Arjun Sampat from Tamil Nadu and many such leaders were invited at Hindu Holocaust Day – An event conducted by HMSA every July to commemorate the victims of India – Pakistan Partition. One not only has the opportunity to learn organizational ability, but also gets skilled on Hindu activism and authorship.

The leadership of HMSA has wisdom and mentor ship for young ‘Hindu Turks’ in the area of Dharmic studies, Politics, Hindu human rights and virtually any thing you would like to volunteer for.

There is no place for emotional lamenting or retrospective talks in HMSA, one is expected to complete the task he is assigned with and the projects gets complete at professional standards for Hindu work – a methodology currently missing in many India’s Hindu organizations where much emphasis is given on discussing the problem and sitting on it rather than implementing the solutions.

HMSA is a real time example of a Hindu organization which in spite of having very little resources and volunteer base has the potential to create big impact. Below quote fits perfect for HMSA.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

For example a recent impactful petition led by HMSA against the Mother Dairy Queen owner who depicted Hinduism as Monkey ism and published other defamatory content against Hindu Gods & Goddess led to his franchisee license cancellation and this Pakistani zealot had to sell off his shop. During my past seven years of association with HMSA, I observed that HMSA is very prompt in countering such defamatory attacks and neutralizing them within the framework of US laws, which is very appreciative. There is many examples which projects the very good social work of HMSA empowering Hindus and Hindu leadership globally.

There is focus on self respect, mentor ship, support in time of need and ideological transparency that has made HMSA the ‘Lone Hindu Star’ of America, ‘Lone’ because unlike many other large Hindu organization who have organizational support base overseas and inland, HMSA functions alone like a one man army and ‘Star’ because when the night is dark, HMSA ‘saffron light’ shines bright.

I congratulate all associates of HMSA for being part of this great organization. May Ishwar keeps empowering HMSA and it’s good works in America. Devout Hindus living in this southern US state have a great opportunity to empower Hinduism by empowering HMSA. Today at this sacred occasion of Ram Navmi, I salute this ‘Lone Hindu Star’ .

I was fortunate and blessed by almighty that I had to opportunity to volunteer for HMSA. Today a large part of my success as someone who empowers Hinduism globally goes to HMSA and it’s founders.              -Rahul Chandra

  • Rahul Chandra is director of many programs that empowers Hinduism and Hindus worldwide, his office – Global Hindu Empowerment Programs operates GHF-AMD, WHN, GHN, PHHR programs encompassing social services, media outreach and organizational empowerment.        

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