Wish You A Very Happy Ugadi, New Year of Sri Hemalambha

March 28, 2017

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शतायुर्वज्रदेहाय सर्वसंपत्कराय च ।
सर्वारिष्टविनाशाय निंबकंदळभक्षणम् ।

Live 100 years, with healthy, strong body,

with all varieties of prosperity,

let there be no difficulty,

all these and more one will get

with neem, jaggery eating on Ugadi.


Another new year for us who follow lunar calendar is dawning on Tuesday March 28,2017, this year is called Hemalambha which is name of one of sixty children of divine sage Narada. So we come to this year again after 60 years. How did Narada known as bachelor came to become father of 60 children?


Narada took a tour with Sri Vishnu, at a lake with Vishnu at the shore, Narada takes a dip in the lake, immerses his head in water and gets up. Time is relative. All it took for him to do that was only few seconds, but during that time, he falls into Samsara, worldly , material life, gets married and obtains many children, by the time he lifts head out of water whose episode gets concluded. Vishnu on shore was same as before with same smile as well.

There are similar explanations, varieties of stories regarding sage Narada becoming a householder due to play, leela or maya of Sri Krishna. 

Wish and pray this new year too will be a very happy and prosperous one for you and your family.

Start the new year with devotion and prayer that will bring prosperity, health and over all well being to all of you, your family, friends and to all good people.

Our Sanatana Dharma, practices of ceremonies associated with it are all joyful festivals , our culture is one of mirth, music, song and dance.  Hence do  listen to Thyagaraja Keertanas on this occasion or at any time via the link enclosed, sung at his birth place, near the bank of river Cauvery in Thiruvayur on 17th Jan 2017.  Beside pleasing to senses, the devotional music takes us to a different exalted realm and remembrance of our blissful deities, who in turn will bless us and every one else as well .

Hence we conclude our prayers with Sarve Jane Sukhino Bhavantu, Sarve Bhadrani Pansyantu, Ma kaschit Duhka mapnuyat.


Best wishes,                                            

G V Chelvapilla

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)