World Hindu News Chairman Rahul Chandra Supports ZEE News Chairman Subash Chandra’s “Mission Clean Media”


World Hindu News Chairman Rahul Chandra Supports ZEE News Chairman Subash Chandra’s “Mission Clean Media”

North Dakota, USA – August 07, 2015

World Hindu News chairman Rahul Chandra declares total support to ZEE Media Company’s chairman Dr. Subash Chandra’s “Swach Media Abhiyan” (Mission Clean Media). Rahul Chandra from his North Dakotan based office spoke to WHN Tristate media bureau chief on this declaration and offered his congratulations on such novel and much needed requirement. He said his opinion is in sync with ZEE media baron Dr. Subash Chandra who demands current NDA Govt. led by Hon. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to review and suspend licences of media houses engaged in Anti-National activities. The Govt. later should prosecute domestic and foreign individuals and entities engaged in such unethical and illegal media business and enact tough laws for media to be transparent and unbiased.

In 2013, at World Hindu Congress 2014, he reiterated the current statement of Subash Chandra that media houses in India are controlled by foreign and domestic elements affiliated to Anti-India and Anti-Hindu ideology. Such ideology is highly contagious and detrimental to security of India and Hindus worldwide. Today such biased news propagated by such Anti-National and Anti-Hindu media houses are defaming the image of India and Hindus worldwide as most foreign media houses refers to Indian media biased reports in shaping institutional opinions which greatly impacts foreign policy for India and Indians. He appreciated the courageous and brave heart move by ZEE media & chairman Dr. Subash Chandra for this critical cause.

He later said that such media controls and compliances are tantamount to not only India and global Hindus but also for the patriotic political parties, groups and Hindu organizations sustainability which form the foundation framework of Hon. Indian PM Narendra Modi’s led NDA’s political future.

As a token of support World Hindu News Media Company will carry ZEE Business “Swachya Media Abhiyan” (Mission Clean Media) logo in its web, social media and global newsletters.


Source: WHN Media Network