World Leaders Hail Sri Sri, Cameron Invited Him To House Of Commons

March 13, 2016World Leaders Hail Sri Sri, Cameron Invites Him To House Of Commons
New Delhi:  World leaders today hailed Art of Living (AoL) and its founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for holding the World Culture Festival and invited him to their countries.

British Prime Minister David Cameron invited Ravi Shankar to address the House of Commons, the lower house of parliament, while Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull invited AoL to Australia for the next World Culture Festival. Mr Cameron sent his invitation in a message through his Conservative Party’s parliamentarian Matthew Offord who attended the AoL’s World Culture Festival in Delhi.

“British Prime Minister David Cameron has invited you to address the House of Commons whenever you visit UK next time,” Mr Offord said.

“People say that no one can change the world but Sri Sri had made a good start. We are seeing a ray of hope,” Cameron was quoted as saying in his message.

“Art of Living foundation promotes peace and understanding,” the British prime minister’s message said.

The Australian prime minister, who could not turn up for the event, invited Sri Sri through his message to AoL that Australia would love to hold the next festival. Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos also sent a message.

“It’s a gathering from across the globe to promote values and human life on earth. Sri Sri teaches us that happiness and peace which is inside us. We need to recognise it to be able to live happy. No more fear, hatred, if we only want happiness,” he said in his message. German parliamentarian and deputy chairman of the ruling Christian Democratic Party (CDU) Armin Laschet said: “Twenty-five years ago, there was a wall in Berlin and people were shot dead while crossing it. Today, there’s a wall of terror and violence between Russia and Ukraine, in Syria and some part of Africa.”

He praised the World Culture Festival calling it an “Act of Understanding” which will change the world in coming days.