“World’s experts share knowledge for Hindu-based education”

bali-indonesia-world-mapbali-indonesia----yoga-world-tours-mrim6tx8Hindu experts and leaders from several countries have been gathered in Bali since Wednesday, sharing their knowledge of Hindu-based education for Hindus all around the world.

During the two one-day meetings, the World Hindu Parisad Meeting on Wednesday and World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2014 on Thursday, hundreds of delegates from Indonesia and countries such as India, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and the UK, are discussing the best concepts to enhance Hindu human resources through education.

The meeting has been organized by the World Hindu Parisad, a Hindu discussion and deliberation forum that aims to expand the Hindu network.

President of the World Hindu Parisad, Ida Pedanda Gede Ketut Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa, said that Hindu-based education had been proposed as the main topic due to the challenges faced among Hindu communities worldwide.

“Hindu-based education is quite a challenging topic, as we have to identify all of the problems faced by Hindu people worldwide and formulate the best response on how to deliver the teachings of sanatana dharma to all the young Hindu generation,” Tianyar said during the opening ceremony at Ksirarnawa building in Bali Art Center, Denpasar, on Wednesday.

The Hindu high priest said that Hindus worldwide were facing many challenges. “Therefore, we need to sit down together as brothers and sisters to talk about the future of our children.”

“I personally know that uniting the Hindu community worldwide is not an easy job. There is a lot of work, salvation and devotion needed. I have convinced my people in Bali and Indonesia to take the lead to unify all our brothers and sisters worldwide. If we do not take any action, who else will do it?” Tianyar asked.

By having strong religious knowledge, he said, Hindus would be armed to carry out their professions.

Through the meeting, Tianyar said, the World Hindu Parisad was eager to develop a curriculum for a Hindu based education.

Wednesday’s meeting was attended by the World Hindu Parisad’s governing council, the board of international invitees and the executive board, who discussed and evaluated their programs, including next year’s plans. Agreement was reached to conduct several workshops on Hindu-based education to identify the best education concept.

The meeting will continue with World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2014 today (Thursday), which will feature three keynote speakers from India and one from Indonesia. “All the speakers will talk about Hindu-based education,” Tianyar said.

The well-known spiritual leader from India and founder of the Art of Living Foundation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is also scheduled to attend the meeting. Shankar will give a speech during the closing ceremony on Friday in Bali’s Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi, Badung regency, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The World Hindu Parisad was officially established in June last year during the second World Hindu Summit, which was held in Denpasar. At that time, the hundreds of Hindu leaders who gathered in Bali also agreed to establish the World Hindu Center, the implementing organ of the World Hindu Parisad.

The summit effectively positioned Bali as a leader in the Hindu movement, as both the World Hindu Parisad and the World Hindu Center are located on the island.

Bali Deputy Governor Ketut Sudikerta conveyed his warm welcome during the opening ceremony. “This is a strategic program as all delegates can share their thoughts and experiences, build unity and discuss the many challenges and issues being faced to find solutions. The presence of all the delegates, as a global community, is a priceless opportunity to network and cooperate,” Sudikerta said.

Source: The Jakarta Post