​A couple of eminent Hindu voices at World Hindu Congress 2014

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Two well-known gentlemen made listeners sit up and listen when they spoke pure Hindutva. One was Sri Vigneswaran, Northern Province Chief Minister, Sri Lanka. While addressing the world Hindu conference in Delhi on November 21, he said, “Even after the war was over in 2009, the agony of countless Hindus in Sri Lanka has not come to an end.” That is, in the surcharged Hindu atmosphere, he referred to his people as “Hindus” instead of “Tamils”. The other is Swami Sukhabodhananda, the disciple of Swami Chinmayananda and top management Guru said in an interview to Vijayabharatham, Tamil weekly, “Hindu consolidation is the need of the hour. It does not brook any delay.” He said it is bad that Hindu Sadhus are systematically targeted by the Muslim-Christian dominated media.

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra