​Dharmic Ideas & Policy Foundation: The plight of the Yezidi people – An unlamented & continuing genocide

Dharmic Ideas & Policy Foundation 

Dharmic Ideas & Policy Foundation (DIPF) appreciates that when reading this that you may have several questions and thoughts as follows:

–        Who are the Yezidis?

–        What genocide? Surely the UN are helping them?

–        Why is DIPF organising these seminars in the House of Commons, Stanmore, Leicester and Birmingham?

–        What has it got to do with me or our community?

–        What benefit is there for me or our community in attending?

The Dharmic traditions have always spoken of the world as ONE family. It regards the world’s diverse peoples, communities, cultures, traditions and spiritual paths as, valid and ultimately, ONE. India has throughout its history provided a haven to the persecuted, such as Jews, Zoroastrians, Poles and others.

Our Dharma enjoins us to protect the most vulnerable and distressed. This Sewa to help extends to all and is an essential part of our Dharma. Further, as a community, there is something to learn about how to influence and safeguard our Dharmic traditions by influencing policy makers.

Our community may feel very comfortable, secure, and “completely in control” and can see NOTHING going wrong, but that does not prevent us from learning from others and helping them in their plight. We must remember that their unhappy plight could easily have been that of our own community and has been in the past.

Dharma teaches us to be open to learning, understanding, extending our consciousness to the wider world family, and to perform our Dharma and to do Sewa. If that resonates with you, then this talk is for you.

On behalf of the Yezidi community, the people trying to help make a difference and DIPF we look forward to your attendance at one of the four seminars. Please go online and book your reservation that suits you best. http://www.dipf.org.uk/campaigns/yezidi-plight/ .  We hope each of us can do our little bit to make this a better life for all.

Please share this information and encourage friends, family and others to attend.


Dr Gautam Sen


Dharmic Ideas & Policy Foundation

Source: http://www.dipf.org.uk/campaigns/yezidi-plight/

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