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india9July 28, 2014

Manyabar Grihamantriji,


Subject: Hard Lessons From Saharanpur: Imperative Need For Stern Action


We beg to bother you again, Sir, for the sake of protecting national security and safety, especially in the context of emerging developments in the heartland of Hindusthan, namely, Uttar Pradesh. We are keenly aware of the constraints of functioning in the framework of democracy to which we are wedded.

But, Sir, two very important factors are forcing us to bring the matter to your, and the Prime Minister’s notice. Firstly, the Akhilesh government in UP is not only unreliable but is clearly politically guided by minority appeasement policy even now. The second factor is more significant. It is now strongly believed that after the most unhealthy spat created by the UPA Govt. between the CBI and the IB for reasons known to all, the field staff of the IB are reluctant to report on activities of the minority community. To add supporting background to the above, the most unholy step had been taken by the erstwhile UPA government when they put a Muslim officer at the top of the IB at a critical time, superseding four of his more competent senior colleagues, a thing that had never had happened in this most sensitive wing of the government. And, all these superseded officers senior to the present DIB happened to be Hindus. No nuclear brain or atomic science is required to grasp the sinister motive behind this move, even without casting any reflection on the chosen man’s professional integrity. So, he straightaway started with a handicap.

Sir, we are sure the IB would have brought to your notice the facts of the present case at Saharanpur. However, not feeling confident, in the backdrop just explained above, we thought we could take the liberty of the present people-friendly government to submit this fact-filled report (attached) from a deeply committed nationalist friend. Some of the significant observations made in this report are:


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·       The Saharanpur riots are a pointer to something more sinister. And that is the ideology of Islamic jihad slowly taking roots in many sections of the Muslim community, something the country’s citizens and administrators have to now seriously take note of.

·       It is futile to expect the state SP regime to act, given its perennial hunger for the Muslim vote, but the central administration has to bear in mind that this is not what the people of the state had bargained for when they voted for the present ruling dispensation at the centre so overwhelmingly.

·       The demographic balance in some areas of western Uttar Pradesh is precarious — around 40 percent of Saharanpur’s population for instance, is Muslim — which calls for drastic measures, whatever the politically correct may like to believe or propagate. It would be no exaggeration to say that that an entire belt from Mewat in Haryana to Moradabad in western Uttar Pradesh is sitting on a tinderbox. The unseen but potent influence of Deobandi Islam, supplemented by Wahhabi Islamic preaching and petro-dollar funding has begun to make its presence felt in the region.

·       The Saharanpur riots have also seen motorcycle-riding rioters commit murder. The phenomenon of motorcycle-riding Muslim rioters is one that cannot be dismissed as one of those things. According to former IPS officer Ram Kumar Ohri, who is also a renowned expert on security and global terrorism, motorcycle rioters are the new-age version of the medieval Islamic jihadis on horses, who ride in gangs to intimidate both the society and administration. Motorcycle-riding jihadi gangs are a menace that cannot be glossed over.

·       That the police in Uttar Pradesh are not allowed to fearlessly discharge their responsibility in dealing with anti-social and anti-national elements is not a secret. The Mulayam-Akhilesh duo is notorious for allowing jihadi elements in the state a free run. Police have privately complained about “pressure from above” to go soft on such elements.

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Sir, we would also like to put this entire matter in its true historical perspective as also in the context of ongoing geopolitical developments, directly affecting both internal and external security of the nation:

·     That Muzaffarnagar riots of September last were no sudden spark. it was a planned attack with blatantly pro- Muslim governments both in the State and at the Centre;

·     That the dream of a “Mughlaistan” is still a lingering hope in the minds of a good section of the Muslims in the country. That helps create the mindset;

·     The demographic truth since the 2001—Census Report that the minority community is gaining in number rather fast and with clear indications/potential for still faster growth in number. That creates confidence.

·     The mischievous role of the unmonitored/unfettered Urdu press in the country;

·     The sense of elation and subsequent response of senior Muslim leader to the unilateral declaration of the Islamic Caliphate by The Islamic State (formerly, ISIS), promising to Saudi Arabia to raise a jihadi force 5 lakh Indian Sunni youths towards a world jihadi force for achieving the goal of Islamic rule all over the world;

·     Simultaneously the Muslims in India demonstrating support to the Palestinians as against Israel and try to force the Centre to change its policy to this conflict, showing no signs of any settlement.

Sir, the idea behind submitting this perspective to you is emphasise on the imperative need for curbing the dangerous developments in UP before this festering menace spreads and engulf the country. Sir, the country needs this assurance through action taken in the matter.



Your sincerely,


D.C. Nath

(President, Patriots’ Forum)

(Former Spl. Director, IB)



Source: ​India Tomorrow Bureau

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