​Prayers for West Bengal Daughters: Call for Rally for Solidarity around the world, July 11th, Sat, 11-1 PM​

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Call for Rally for Solidarity around the world, July 11th, Sat,  11-1 PM (local time)



There are solidarity rallies across several cities in the world on Saturday, July 11th11-1 PM (Local time).  We request Hindu Institutions to offer prayers in the name of Tutuki Mandal, the 14 year old minor girl on that day.  In addition, please send us pictures of support (we will provide information for placards at links below) with Name of Institution, City, date so that we can publish the worldwide support and put pressure on Government to act. We request you for your consideration to perform prayers for daughters of West Bengal who are coming from Hindu families and are facing immense persecution.  The particular  tragic situation is that of a kidnapped 14 year old minor girl , whose dad is a daily wage laborer, is best described in the email below with all documentation send to the Human Rights Organizations.  



Support for W Bengal Daughters team

Souptik Mukherjee <souptikm@gmail.com>

Narayana Sd <narayanasd123@gmail.com>




I request you to look into the tragic case of 14 year old minor girl who was kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalist in the North Eastern part of India in the state of West Bengal, raped and pushed into sexual slavery.   Literally hundreds of callers from across the world have called the police to take action to no avail.  

There has been an active ethnic cleansing going on in the state of West Bengal by Islamic fundamentalists for few decades, particularly where Hindus are a minority.  This ethnic cleansing occurs in the form of riots and kidnapping of minor girls, raped, and human trafficked or send away to Muslim families away from sight of parents.   Just few days ago, the father of Tutuki Mandal was nearly killed by 700 people mob near a Mosque when he attempted to recover his daughter.

The numbers of kidnapped girls is alarmingly high and according to one estimate, 100 per day from 32,000 villages where Muslims are big percentage of population.  This is Rotterdam in UK, just much worse.    The vote bank politics where politicians vie for 30-40% Muslim population have rendered the state police toothless in saving the victims and victims are utterly helpless.    Sadly, the left of center media also has not given attention to this tragic events.   In this case, a local criminal, ‘Salim’ who moves around with 40 body guards runs parallel Government sanctions all crimes and police would not apprehend him because he provides vote banks to the ruling State Government.

The ongoing riots and other ethnic cleansing happenings in West Bengal are well documented with pictures and videos at http://HinduSamhati.net .  

We are giving below various appeals, letters of the desperate parents to State and Central officials.  The first letter below was send send to state officials as well as Prime Minister of India.  The rest of the email trail below also shows the police complaint filed by parents, appeal to State commission of Women, State commission of backward classes and to Chief Minister of West Bengal.  

The principal member of NGO ‘Hindu Samhati’ working to bring attention to these issues nationally and internationally is Mr. Tapan Ghosh and he can reached in India at +91 9836168846.

Moving letter of father of kidnapped minor girl to the State and Prime Minister of India


Source: WHN Media Network